Actress Manorama who has appeared in uncountable films is an actress who is majorly seen in Tamil cinema. Born on (1937 – October 10th, 2015) to Kasi Kilaikudaiyae and Ramamirtham she started her acting at the tender age of 12. Initially she started acting in dramas and has also done playback singing for the same. Her original name being Gopishantha, the drama director rechristened her name as Manorama. She has played in numerous plays all over Tamil Nadu and then gradually entered the silver screen. As a comedian she has acted in many movies alongside actor Nagesh. They were a hit comedy pair during the 1950’ and 1960’s. Apart from acting in Tamil movies she was also seen in few Hindi flicks, Malayalam and Telugu ones. She has done all kinds of roles in her movies i.e. as a comedian, serious ones, as mother and many more.

Top 10 Manorama Movies

Top 10 Best Manorama Movies 2016 List

  • Singam (2010)
  • Aalvar (2007)
  • Chinna Thambi (1991)
  • Kadhalan (1994)
  • Unnal Mudiyum Thambi (1988)
  • Paar Magale Paar (1963)
  • Pokkiri Raja (1982)
  • Indian (1996)
  • Billa (1970)
  • En Jeevan Paduthu (1988)

The journey which she began in 1958 is still continuing. She was, is and will always be popular as a star of South Indian cinema. She has gained critical acclaim from leading directors and actors for her acting skills. Apart from that she has also won many awards for her films. She won the Padmashri award in the year 2002 and won the national film award for best supporting actor for her movie Pudhiya Pathai that released in the year 1989.

Latest New Manorama Movies List – Recent Aachi Films

  • Singam 2 (2013)
  • Thaaye Nee Kannurangu (2013)
  • Irumbu Kottai Murattu Singam (2010)
  • Laadam (2009)
  • Arundhati (2009)
  • A Aa E Ee (2009)
  • Krishnarjuna (2008)
  • Seetha Kalyanam (2007)
  • Thaamirabharani (2007)
  • Aalwar (2007)
  • Imsai Arasan 23m Pulikesi (2006)
  • Pasa Kiligal (2006)
  • Karka Kasadara (2005)
  • Perazhagan (2004)
  • 7G Rainbow Colony (2004)
  • Whistle (2003)
  • Saamy (2003)
  • Anbe Anbe (2003)
  • Diwaan (2003)
  • Thamizh (2002)
  • Gemini (2002)
  • Krishna Krishna (2001)
  • Bava Nachadu (2001)
  • Kannal Pesava (2000)
  • Maayi (2000)
  • Kannan Varuvaan (2000)
  • Thirunelveli (2000)
  • Vetri Kodi Kattu (2000)
  • Unnaruge Naan Irundhal (2000)
  • Millenium Stars (2000)
  • Snegithiye (2000)

Actress Manorama’s name has also been recorded in the Guinness book of record for acting in maximum number of films till date. Her few popular films include, Anbe Vaa, Ayiram Poi, Billa, Thee, Saaval, Sattam, Vikram, Vidhi, Nadigan, Nattamai, Kooli, Aalwar, Sungham and the list goes on. If you wish to watch Manorama movies then you can very easily watch it with the help of the internet. So you can download Manorama movies and watch it along with your family whenever you get an opportunity.

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