Facebook Coffee and Chocolate

Are you a social networking freak or caffeine addict? Well honestly we’re all addicted to something in our lives, and the new craze in town and over the web media is Facebook and still is till today. It is one of the largest, most extended and popularized social networking site. And if the question arises, ‘Facebook’ or ‘Coffee’, what do you think would be the pick of the morning? Well in my eyes it certainly would be coffee hands down any day. A social networking site in the morning, well people have a life, and there’s always work. ‘Work and Coffee’ are the best combinationsRead More →

Coffee and Girls

Coffee and Girls: Life is Like a Cup of Coffee Look at yourself closely into the mirror, and what do you see? Washed out eyes, a doleful expression? Or is it puffy eyes because of the last minute breakup? Well, sunshine it is time for a cup of coffee and wonders it can do to you girls out there. There are countless stories about people finding their true love in a coffee shop, in fact it doesn’t even have to be about love; if you’re thinking about being around some good company, always go for a girl who loves coffee. The type of coffee sheRead More →

My First Love Coffee

My First Love Is Last Love And Will Be Forever It was there, it was a surprise and it happened, slowly after the first sip! Melting right into those taste buds which glazes the palate and leaves behind that satisfying feeling, even if perhaps life doesn’t give you what you want, one cup of caffeine is all that you want. Coating your lips with flavorsome cream; let me guess that smile is already there as you’ll recall your very first moments in life when you had your first taste of coffee. ‘My First Love… Coffee’, that’s what I say and many others who’ve fallen inRead More →