Iced Cold Coffee

Having a cold coffee to drink is something that everyone desires in the summer season. People often consume the cold coffee in the winter season as well and this is because people find it the best drink to make sense in terms of beverage and health. Hot coffee is something that has been consumed since many years but with the good results by the cold coffee, it has also gained huge popularity amongst the people. It is not a big deal to make a cold coffee. The recipe for this is easily available on the internet and otherwise it is nothing different from a hotRead More →

Hot Coffee Photos

People take in different types of beverages for various purposes and hot coffee is one amongst them. Beverages are consumed by the people so as to serve one of the following purposes. First and foremost, the most important use of beverages is to increase the content of water in the body. This is what every beverage has common in it along with hot coffee. The second thing which is considered is the taste. People take in different types of beverages just for their favorite taste. There are many more reasons which follow but only few will be discussed over here. How to Make Hot CoffeeRead More →

How to Make Espresso Coffee

There may be very less people on this planet who are not fond of espresso coffee. Every single being on this planet can be seen visiting his favorite coffee shop just to have a cup of his favorite espresso coffee. Coffee can be given the tag of most consumed beverage in the recent times, all over the world. Hence there is a need to prepare this espresso coffee in a quite quality manner so that it gives the best taste to the people and gives them the pleasure they want. Before having any discussion on the preparation of this beverage, let us first talk aboutRead More →

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf If one is a fan of consuming coffee or tea on a regular basis, then he must be definitely possessing some knowledge about tea leaves and coffee bean. This is because these are the raw materials for preparing these two most consumed beverages on a very large scale. People generally are addicted to these beverages and consume them regularly. In short, coffee beans has become a part of the daily routine of the people. However, this may not be very good from the point of view of health, but there are certain points which can stand in the favorRead More →

Top 10 Indian Street Food

Street food of India is worldwide famous for its super delicious varieties. You being an Indian must have surely stood on the streets to enjoy the variety of food India serves. Remember that gulping of pani puri and having spicy chole bhature? Even the big brand car holders finds halt after having the aroma of tasty street food, so this is the worldwide famous top 10 Street foods of India. Top 10 Best Indian Street Food – Road Side Dishes 01.  Pani Puri 1st on the list is obviously the street food that is loved by all ages, yes Pani Puri. The awestrucking taste ofRead More →

Irish Coffee Recipe

Irish coffee is considered as a cocktail. Even according to the IBA official special standards it is taken to be a cocktail drink in form of a coffee. According to the sources Irish coffee was invented and named by Joe-Sheridan, a head chef at Foynes, County Limerick. It is a drink born in Ireland. Irish coffee is a mixed type of drink. It is served both hot and cold. Irish coffee is made of cream but the cream is not whipped. Generally the drinks made and sold with whipped cream are popularly known as Irish coffee. The Best Irish Coffee in the World Irish coffeeRead More →