Top Adventure Movies 2017

Top 10 Great Adventure Movies of All Time Godzilla (2014): This is one of the new adventure movies 2014. This scientific fiction is directed by Gareth Edwards. Godzilla stars Elizabeth Olsen, Bryan Cranston, and Aaron Taylor Johnson. In this movie the most famous monster in the world is opposed against malicious creatures that helped by humanity, now threaten our existence. 127 Hours (2010): 127 Hours is based on a true story. A soldier Aron goes to Blue John Canyon without intimating anyone. There he finds 2 girls. They have great time jumping and bathing in lakes. On his way back to home, Aron finds himselfRead More →

Top Hollywood Movies 2017

The Latest Hollywood Movies Encourages And Offers Knowledge There is no denying the fact that the mass media creates immense effects on the behaviors and thoughts of people by encouraging them into new patterns of lifestyle. Among the various media, films play the most prominent role. It is undoubtedly one of the best forms of entertainment that enables people to emerge into an imaginary world for a short time. The role of Hollywood movies can never be underestimated at any cost, because these are not only viewed in the United States, but also across the world. The latest Hollywood movies are designed to be realisticRead More →

Hollywood Horror Films 2017

Good Horror Movies Can Create A Great Impact On You If you are movie freak, you know that there are different genres of movies produced in Hollywood. One of the most popular yet successful movie genres is horror movies. These are unsettling films that are designed in such a way so as to generate panic and frighten the audience. It often invokes the hidden fears of men while captivating their minds and entertaining them to the fullest. The good horror movies definitely have the capacity to centre on the dark side of life and attract our attention to it. It is because of this reasonRead More →

Top 10 Scary Movies

Scary Movies – Horror is a popular genre of films that plays on the audience’s primal fears and creates a negative emotional reaction. The scary movies are highly popular since a long time and most of these were inspired from works of literature. The scenes and the sound effect blend with each other to create a captivating effect among the viewers. The most common themes in the really scary movies are supernatural and macabre. In some cases, these themes might also overlap with thriller, fantasy and science, as a whole. Lots of scary Christmas movies are produced, and they mainly deal with the hidden fearsRead More →

Best Comedy Movies 2016

In Indian cinema comedy movies have always been able to make an impact on the industry. Comedy is the best thing for producers because comedy films always turn out to earn at least decent money at box office. The recent comedy films like Kapoor & Sons and Housefull 3 released on March 2016 and June 2016 respectively turned out to be very successful and coined out a lot of revenue for their producers. In this world where people are very busy with their life or stressed out with daily work, comedy is the only thing which could rejuvenate their senses by making them laugh. SoRead More →