Best African American Songs 2017

African American Songs are a wide range of music and musical developments, developed by black Americans. Black Americans played a role of musicians in military band known as ragtime and a modern time known as jazz. The culture of African American music in a main street. American music began in 19 century with the introduction of Danzo. The popular beats of Danzo became very popular and incorporated into popular songs by Stephen Foster and in coming time different Afro American songs and music became popular as a slavery songs and work songs. During the slavery time Jazz, Delaney made popular post war Afro American musicRead More →

Mother Son Songs 2017 for Wedding Dance

A Mother Son Songs showed the beautiful bonding between every child and his mother. Bollywood is famous for mother son relationship based songs. These songs show the love, affection and care of mother. A mother son songs that is sure to tug at your heartstrings and forever be remembered. Most of mother son songs showed in Hindi movies and those are also very famous. There songs are very touching for every mother. You can say every type of songs are mother son songs like, mother like some decent type of dance song on her son’s marriage. “Maiya Yashoda Ye Tera Kanahiya” is one of theRead More →

Top Drinking Songs 2017

While on one hand we have so many themes of songs like – party songs, patriotism songs, religion songs and more, on the other we have drinking songs also. By listening to this theme we directly relate it to the songs which were listened during the consumption of alcohols, and yes it is somehow true also. We have so many best drinking songs 2017 which actually made the taste better of their alcohols consumptions lovers. Even in so many clubs as well as in bars people demanded them and by tuning them they enjoying their get together a lot. They played at large scale inRead More →

Top Mashup Songs 2017

Mashup Songs – Music time is a fun time. There are so many good music’s available, sometimes it’s hard to decide which kind of music is worthy to hear. But thanks to mashup songs they try to give flavor of every kind of music in one plate. Well, maybe you will not get every sort of music but definitely mashup songs makes it possible to give at least 2-3 varieties at the same time. Mash up songs is a great form of music. The music of mashup songs is more jovial and romantic as well. Songs are really a mirror to soul and mash upRead More →

Best Western Songs 2017

In this modern era when everything is western we find people easily getting addicted to western songs too. The western music basically was introduced from the American folk music and usually is very different from the Indian classical music. Western countries have both classical and western music. However both are opposites of each other. Few people love hearing classical while few can do anything to hear a track of a western song. The two are different because of the instruments and the way the song is sung. popular Western songs seem to be complex but are easy and classical seems to be easy but isRead More →