A Brief World History of Coffee – The First Coffee Shop Owner

A Brief World History of Coffee

Since time immemorial coffee has always been a delicacy for the tongue. Fatigued, aches in those joints; Coffee has far more benefits than just soothing your bones and giving you energy. In ancient times coffee was a part of the daily routines, right from the aristocrats to the middle men. Coffee technically was discovered, brewed and furnished as a beverage for the afternoon’s however now its expansion has scored millions of individuals in consuming this delectable drink at almost any time of the day that it becomes important to know the ‘how’, ‘where’ and ‘when’ about this drink.

The First Coffee Shop Owner

Questions arise in our minds regarding the first ever coffee shop to have ever been established, the records date back in history with respect to its foundation. In fact it has been found that originally the first ever coffee branch to have ever been set up was in Turkey ‘Constantinople’ now formerly known as Istanbul in 1475.

World History of Coffee

The name given to the stall was ‘Kiva Han’ where coffee was served as an unfiltered black cocktail, no milk additives and was regarded so important that women were allowed to divorce their husbands if they appeared incompetent to supply its dosage regularly.

It was around 1500’s that coffee soon became a profitable craze in Europe; the requisite for milk and sugar became common in this continent where coffee was served after filtering its components. Originally it was the invader ‘Franz Georg Kolschitzky’ who opened the first coffee shop in Europe and soon other treats were served alongside this beverage soon making it an aficionada in the world all over.

History of Coffee and How it Spread Around the World

Britain opened its first coffee house around 1652; the English were known to serve their coffee in a more resound manner thus making it a commodity available for the rich and the moneyed. Their coffee houses were known as the ‘penny universities’ for its price structure, the idea of tips became profound within this region itself hence establishing its own chain of coffee houses throughout. A famous and still prominent local coffee shop ‘Lloyd’s’ till today is a running business in London.

Italy and France weren’t left behind when it came to brewing customs; the former in 1654 established its first caffeine branch whereas the latter adopted the coffee business in 1672 in Paris.

‘The Tontine Coffee House’ around the year 1792 in the United States also were quick followers in the coffee commerce where the basic strategy was opening a coffee shop at joints where business was most flourishing and hungry entrepreneurs marched the streets.

The startling innovation of espresso changed the very scenario of ‘Coffee’ in the world. It was in fact the year 1946 when the first ever brewing machine was invented, the credits lies in the hands of ‘Gaggia’. Hence the modern age of this palatable drink was introduced in Paris where ‘Gaggia’ sufficiently opened his coffee stall called as the ‘Gaggia Coffee Bar’.

And it really is impossible to ignore the grand opening of the most wide-spread coffee house, officially known as Starbucks. Their inauguration took place in 1971 in Seattle, after which since centuries we’ve witnessed countless individuals calling for a cup of luscious latte!

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