Cappuccino Coffee – Mocha, Latte, Espresso and Cappuccino Recipe

How to Make Cappuccino Recipe without Expensive Machine

Cappuccino belongs to the espresso family. Cappuccino indeed is rich in milk, sugar and cream. It is made fluffy to give it a typical cappuccino look. These days the word name cappuccino has become a synonym of coffee. Here we have an easy way out for making cappuccino for those all who love it. Here in this recipe we do not even require a proper coffee maker or an expensive machine. But all we require is a blender and an oven. The total time required to make cappuccino is 10 minutes according to the recipe provided below.

The ingredients required are 1 cup of skim milk, 1 teaspoon of sugar, and 1 ½  cups of good strong brewed coffee.

Well now comes the most essential part that is that is the method needed for making this. We first need to see that after the coffee has brewed then we need to add sugar and milk to it and microwave it for 2 minutes at the highest setting. After this we then need to put this heated mixture in the blender and blend it for 1 minute until it becomes fluffy. We can then pour it in the cup and this can be topped by the froth.

Cappuccino Coffee Recipe


Coffee Mocha is also one of the variant branch of latte. Mocha’s main inspiration has been the Truin coffee beverage. Mocha also belongs to the espresso family. The base of mocha is hot milk and chocolate is the essential part of the espresso family. The variant of dark chocolate mocha is white chocolate mocha. Mocha is also used to describe coffee bean, which are round in shape and small in size. These beans were believed to chocolate type taste.


Latte as a word means coffee milk. Latte as a beverage is made with espresso and hot milk. The word latte s used to denote brewed coffee and scalded milk.

Cappuccino Machine

Cappuccino machine these days make it easy to make cappuccino and all others belonging to the espresso family. They do provide a great taste. They heavily priced and not fall within the budget of all. They are more useful for the coffee shops or coffee houses and not for an individual’s household.


Espresso indeed is much more thick in its matter as compared to all others that belong to this family in any manner. Espresso as a beverage is made by a forced process of brewing small coffee beans in a small quantity of water. The presence of caffine content per unit volume is more than any other form of coffee.

Coffee Maker

Coffee makers are easily available in India in this era of 21st century. They serve to be a boon for all the coffee lovers as it provides a enhanced taste of what they love to have.

Cappuccino Calories

The calories present in per serving of cappuccino are 60.3.

Cappuccino vs Latte

The comparison between the two is quite simple. In cappuccino the presence of milk is less as compared to that of latte in which milk really plays a dominant factor. Second point of difference between the two is that cappuccino is served in a glass and the latte is served in porcelain cups. Cappuccino as drink originated in Italy. While latte as a beverage is from America.

Cappuccino Bags

These bags are unique in character. They are eco-friendly bags made out of the coffee packages.

Cappuccino Cups

Cappuccino cups with grooves square are the most famous ones that one can find. A huge variety of cappuccino cups is available online on various e-shopping websites.

Cappuccino Coffee

Cappuccino as a word means small cup. It originated as a drink in Italy. The basic ingredients present in it are hot milk and steamed milk foam. The caffine content in this drink is high. It is prepared with an espresso machine.

Cappuccino Coast

By this term we understand that the day when the Pacific ocean was transformed into a state of froth and there it was cappuccino coast. There were huge bubbles of foam that were sticky in character and stretched over 30 miles.

Cappuccino Cake

Cappuccino Cakes indeed are yummy to have. They do not have a very high content of sugar level in them. They are a bit bitter in taste as compared to a typical term of cake. They are easy to make even within them various flavours can be located like chocolate, butterscotch. They are different and can be used on occasions.

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