“And all they wanted was a chocolate pudding.” I’m recollecting my memories about the moments I’ve spent with my girlfriends who’ve happened to just land in town sometimes, yes it’s a ‘sometimes’. Because if it was everyday and every time, the coffee wouldn’t taste so great and the chocolates wouldn’t fill our palates.

Chocolate, Coffee and Some Girlfriends in Town

And you’re wondering about the connection between the three, “Chocolate, Coffee and Girlfriends”, well there are stories riding in the undercurrent of those days when I would sip my favorite Americano, while my bubbly batch mates would giggle away their gossip filled lives, the men in their romantic flings and unforgettable work.

But at the end of the day all that would matter would be that feeling of being close to your loved ones, to give time to your own self and letting them give you that attention which most women expect, crave out of their men; this can be fulfilled only when you’re around your girlfriends.

Romantic Coffee Date

The chocolates are merely a part of the ‘spoil system’ that we girls incorporated as a form of giving pleasure to ourselves despite living hectic lives, and always watching out for those calorific levels, truth be told I simply adore having my chocolate delights with my girlfriends, that’s what I would call all those creamy, fresh chocolate treats. It isn’t about gaining weight really; it’s always been enjoying the moment with some good people, and if it is your girlfriends then the experience is all together different.

There hardly is any silence in all the hustle and the bustle that goes on in the group, in fact there’s always something to talk about. As for secrets, hush!!! Only your girlfriends can understand the deep meaning behind, ‘Chocolates and Coffee’. This blend of ‘girlfriends and chocolates’, resonates with memories of constant teasing that usually goes on between our weights.

But it certainly doesn’t stop us from ordering a big chunk of the ‘Black Forest’ or the ‘Chocolate Brownies’. Sometimes there are these completely childish games we end up playing and those bets, whoever would win would pay the check for that night.

How to Get a Girlfriend Back – Chocolates, Coffee and Girlfriend

The fun constantly continues, and our coffee orders don’t have an end either. What with a ‘Cappuccino’ on our table to a ‘Macchiato’ adjacent to my drink, the table won’t be empty at all, with our bags laden by our chairs, the cell phones which we tune off, that’s a rule in the girl gang gathering, officially no calls or texting allowed. That time is meant for just us girlfriends and no one else, no husbands, no family and especially no work. The desire to meet one another rises due to the fact that we’re all away from each other, busy with our occupations, however memories, coffee and those chocolate tarts keep us bound which is necessary to maintain relationships in life.

With your girlfriends next to you, your world seems to fall into place, and that relief is ever lasting, ‘Chocolate, Coffee and some Girlfriends.” That indeed is enough to fill the time gap that is customary between us.

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