Coffee and Wine: Which is Better for You?

Discrepancy between Coffee and Wine: “Which is Better for Consumption?”

Steamy disputes have risen regarding the effects that coffee and wine have on the population’s health and lifestyle. The difference in opinions have suddenly been brought forth with respect to which beverage is advisable and reputable for intake.

Coffee or Wine

The Advantages of Coffee:

  • Coffee permeates within the blood and causes a chain of reactions which eventually trigger hormonal responses thereby giving the body capacity to function at the time of fatigue.
  • Coffee beans are used in bakery processes thereby serve as a vital ingredient in culinary art and craft.
  • Coffee is usually regarded as an essential component of the diet which helps in reducing the risk of getting affected by Alzheimer’s disease, cirrhosis in the liver and constipation.
  • Because it consists of poly phenols and many other antioxidants which eventually speed up the heart rate and increase the oxidation rates within the blood.

However Coffee has also been criticized to being a drawback and these negative aspects have thoroughly been researched upon. This unfortunately has led many coffee drinkers to recoil however despite the disadvantages there still are many who find it unfeasible to let go.

The Disadvantages of Coffee:

  • Caffeine can pose a threat for the thyroid and adrenal glands. It eventually can cause a rebound and lead to serious irritations, fatigue, tremors etc hence its actions eventually can reduce the robustness within the individual.
  • Coffee has been found to have toxic chemicals and rancid oils which can reduce metabolism in the individuals.
  • Disturbed internal systems i.e. digestion is upset and it can even cause dehydration.

Wine on the other hand is still considered a better option as a beverage however no matter the facets; it also like coffee can lead to serious chronic addictions which result in health problems.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wine:

  • Red Wine contains chemical components which cultivate the immune system; lowers blood pressure and the risk of strokes.
  • It is used as an essential ingredient in culinary arts and lowers the pressure of diabetes.
  • Wine is an expensive possession to have and hence is not an object of consumption on a daily basis.
  • Wine significantly if taken in excess can lead to death due to hemorrhage.

‘Coffee’ for a very long time has been taken as form of a sedative; in fact many coffee lovers in the world have strongly held their grounds when it comes to shielding their opinions and critics have rebuked their notations regarding coffee’s benefits in the daily life of an individual.

Coffee or Wine: Which is Better for You?

Heavy drinkers have another agenda of their own; their rightful opinion being that ‘Wine’ is a better substitute for coffee hence it should conveniently replace coffee due to some factual evidences that have been discovered so far. But then coffee lovers have defended their drink with even more logical substantiation; now the question is which is better really? That depends upon the community entirely however it may be coffee or wine; both preservative are sold at premium expenditure.

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