Coffee and Girls: Life is Like a Cup of Coffee

Look at yourself closely into the mirror, and what do you see? Washed out eyes, a doleful expression? Or is it puffy eyes because of the last minute breakup? Well, sunshine it is time for a cup of coffee and wonders it can do to you girls out there.

There are countless stories about people finding their true love in a coffee shop, in fact it doesn’t even have to be about love; if you’re thinking about being around some good company, always go for a girl who loves coffee.

Coffee and Girls

The type of coffee she likes, her taste buds are sure to give you an indication about her personality. So coffee really is the top leader in the dating board right now. Alcohol and clubbing are way too obvious these days, and of course give you no privacy which mostly people like if they’re meeting for the first time.

Call in a cab, take a walk a mile down the street but search out your coffee joints and just get a seat. You will come across a variety of people and if you happen to just by chance start a conversation with some girl, ask her the most customary yet random question, “What’s your favorite cup of coffee?

You are bound to get captured by her orders, even if it is just a fraction you’ll know about this coffee girl. Coffee is originally a stress buster and is therefore taken by plenty however the significance lies in how you’re describing a person based on their coffee likes and dislikes. For the girls out there who are coffee fanatics, here’s a study:

What’s Your Favorite Coffee Drink?

Black Coffee – There are rare people in the world who drink black coffee, in fact to find girls who desire this caffeine are considered the hard getters. They pose as challenges due to their ambitious, focused mind sets. They usually are the loners who’ll always busy themselves with work.

Cappuccino – A witty, intelligent, independent and head strong person normally takes this sort of drink. Girls who love cappuccino are classy drinkers and are found to be resumed in deep conversations.

Steamed Latte – The soft hearted, mellow and incredibly caring people, normally mothers are found to consume such a drink. They are the family oriented sorts who spend their moments thinking about responsibilities and love.

Espresso – This girl loves sophistication, will treasure simple talks and will probably come under the average unit of coffee drinkers who are very focused in life and often enjoy a meal along with a coffee.

Iced Coffee – They are the laid back, relaxed category of people. You’ll find a girl like this sitting in a corner reading a book or maybe staring into space. They certainly might be the deep thinkers; however their motto for a drink is relaxation.

Frappachino – They are thrill seekers, the fun loving and the completely cheerful individuals who most probably will consist of teenagers who’ve yet to know what a real coffee tastes like.

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