Facebook or Coffee in the Morning

Are you a social networking freak or caffeine addict? Well honestly we’re all addicted to something in our lives, and the new craze in town and over the web media is Facebook and still is till today. It is one of the largest, most extended and popularized social networking site. And if the question arises, ‘Facebook’ or ‘Coffee’, what do you think would be the pick of the morning? Well in my eyes it certainly would be coffee hands down any day. A social networking site in the morning, well people have a life, and there’s always work.

Facebook Coffee and Chocolate

‘Work and Coffee’ are the best combinations you can think of; the very idea of getting dressed and strutting of your night sloth into a pair of fresh garments, healthy breakfast and a cup of coffee is the best way to start your day. Well unless you’re suffering from heartbreak and you really need to see the profile of your love bunny, well I guess it is Facebook in the morning, maybe even the entire day.

Facebook or Coffee in the Morning

But what a drag! No doubt Facebook is interesting, has many fun filled applications, and even is the best form to use to stay in touch with your friends, families and colleagues however to get addicted to such a site is really not healthy. But it might not have its benefits when it comes to addiction but it certainly does not cause serious damage to our health though it has been reported that the site has become a portal for kidnappers and illegal group activities.

Coffee isn’t much of a great addiction either. It might have the best effects after consumption however going overboard with this drink can seriously harm your personal health since it is a stimulant. An overdose of that and you’re an insomniac. Wondering how? Think about accelerating the adrenaline within your blood flow, your nervous system will be like a train; processing and unstoppable hence if you’re no longer fatigued you won’t sleep.

Coffee can really cause a disadvantage however it also has it major merits which can out do Facebook simply for the main reason that the drink is useful in keeping diseases away, has antibacterial effects and contains antioxidants & anti carcinogenic components.

Facebook, Coffee and Chocolate

While early morning browsing and interface networking can be of an amusement, however the very fact that it is practically useless and also a waste of time in case there are a million things for you to do, then the best option is to not busy your mornings with internet surfing. Get a cup of coffee instead or walk down the main street where your customary coffee shop will give to you your regular sips.

Brew coffee in the mornings, leave aside the laptop which might just have Facebook opened somewhere and your chat popping open with some friend or the other wanting to leave behind a simple ‘hello’. But if it’s going to be a choice between ‘Coffee’ and ‘Facebook’ as your early morning rituals, stick to the coffee it certainly has more taste and calm than the site.

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