History and Interesting Facts about Indian Coffee

Coffee in India is mainly produced in the hill tracts of South Indian states; with the state of Karnataka accounting 53% followed by Kerala 28% and Tamil Nadu 11% of production of 8,200 tons.

The India Coffee House chain was started by the Coffee Cess Committee in 1986. The Indian Coffee House has several branches in Kolkata also, including the College Street branch, Central Avenue branch, Medical College Kolkata branch and Jadavpur branch.

Indian Coffee Recipe

How to Make Instant Indian Coffee?

Indian Coffee Recipe is basically a sweeter and spicier version of normal coffee. Its main ingredients are whole milk, water, sugar, ground coffee beans or instant coffee, fresh grated ginger and tea masala (ginger powder, clove powder, black pepper powder, cinnamon powder and cardamom powder).

Though it is difficult to categorize as to which Indians drink coffee, Indian Coffee Drinkers are usually found in the likes of kitty party ladies, the corporate kind of people, lovers who would rather go to a café than a park, meet-ups for example a book club, fashion-conscious socialites and intellectual types among many others.

The Indian-Coffee Industry is the sixth largest producer in the world. The bulk of all production takes place in southern states including Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Coffee is most noted for its Indian Kathlekhan Superior variety. In 2010-2011 Robusta coffee accounted for 64 percent of all coffee produced in India. Over a quarter of India’s coffee exports go to Italy with Russia coming a close second.

Arabica Indian Coffee Prices fell at last week’s auction held on Friday as traders stayed away from the market due to variations in overseas prices which was said by auctioneer J. Thomas & Co. Indian coffee exports fell 6.88 percent.

There has always been a discussion when it comes to the choice between Coffee and Tea. Although Indians have always been drinking tea, the sudden rise in the number of coffee drinkers has befuddled us. Domestic consumption of coffee is rising at about 5%-6% every year, while tea consumption is increasing only at about 2% annually, according to government data released earlier this year. A decade ago, coffee drinking was mostly confined to southern states.

A production of 260mn kgs of Indian Coffee Beans takes place each year. The top Indian Coffee Brands are Nescafe by Nestle, Tata Coffee and BRU. It’s been joined by other chains, including Barista, Cafe Coffee Day, Lavazza, Costa and Think Coffee. Day by day, the number of Indian Coffee Lovers is increasing. Perhaps coffee will not overtake tea in India but it can surely give it an intense competition.

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