Impact of Global Warming on Coffee Industry

Impact of global warming over environmental conditions is now proven. Coffee crops are also not exceptions. A considerable amount of threat is being possessed by global warming to coffee crops. Coffee requires sufficient amount of water and preferably low temperatures for its growth. Due to global warming, various fine coffee producing sites are now been shifted to some cooler and higher areas in order to have fine production.

Impact of Global Warming on Coffee Industry

According to a recent report presented by Licht’s international coffee, coffee growers and producers should get mentally prepared for the challenge being offered by the global warming. Various researches have supported this report of Licht. According to United Nations environment program research, a hike in 2 degree Celsius of temperature can bring dramatic changes in the coffee growth.

Global Warming on Coffee Industry

Results of global warming have started showing its impact. Talking about India’s Coorg coffee region, as a result of reduced rainfall per centimeter cube and rising temperature, bees have significantly reduced in number. As a result of this, plants are not able to get fertilize and this has increased the risk of the attack of pests on the crops manifold.

This impact is much more in India where a small bio difference creates much difference in natural life. India is a diversified country where one can discover varieties of plants, shrubs, herbs within a small area. All this bio diversity is because of the proper ecological balance present in the environment. But due to disturbance in this balance, natural life is getting hindered and as a result a small biological difference tends to show a large difference here.

How Does Climate Change Affect Coffee?

As a result of duress, farmers will try to go for chemicals in order to increase the productivity which would ultimately destroy the nutritional content of soil and thus worsen the condition. The Arabian coffee bean will most probably suffer maximum loss since coffee anyhow requires a particular range of temperature. Global warming will cause heavy rains, long lasting droughts and also lead to pest attacks which will result in devastating effect on future coffee production.

Deforestation, increased amount of carbon and other toxic particles in the air will automatically contaminate coffee beans due to which we’ll find ourselves in taking those harmful compounds and in turn affecting our health.

The world’s main cocoa-producing countries like Ghana and Ivory Coast may suffer a loss in their future cultivation due to the simple fact global warming is increasing and continues to increase with the population exploding, resources being flushed out abundantly and forests are being cut at an expansive rate. There is a constant worry that global warming will change the climate all over the globe leading to droughts in the southern hemisphere and rapid floods in the northern hemisphere. Points where coffee plantations even if are secured and maintained will suffer a decrease in their commerce within the market due to the quality drop hence thereby slowly eradicating the very existence of coffee within the nations and hence degrading a system.

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