Here is An Interesting Question You can Munch “Is Coffee Better with Snacks What?”

Now that the concept of Coffee Shops of Modern-day sophistication is mushrooming everywhere, this question gets importance as never before. The question has an inherent meaning, because these present-day hangouts for the whole younger generation of both the sexes, namely Coffee Shops are not only selling mere Coffee varieties. You can find many crispy snack items available with a hot cup of coffee, as also other drinks and beverages like Tea, Chocolate drinks and in some outlets fresh fruit juices as well.

Is Coffee Better with Snacks

Imported from the British origin of old Coffee Houses centuries back, this idea of creating a very conducive atmosphere for whiling away the time by the customers – rather groups of customers – since you’ll find the youngsters siege these Coffee Shops in clusters, with their usual fanfare of “hais” “hoo…hahahaa” etc. – to occupy the seats there, is very much visible. The very intention of these young groups is to make merry, teasing, criticizing and laughing among them, throughout their stay inside these safe-recluses.

Good Coffee and Healthy Snacks

Spending minimum of one hour per group is a common agenda. The chats and sweet-talks go on and on, when they order cups after cups of good aromatic coffee, to keep the tempo of discussions going. Not mere coffee guys, you’ll find innumerable varieties of snacks being sent into their stomach, downed with gulps of coffee or tea liberally. The question we have taken for analysis is “is coffee better with snacks?” and from the observation made from popular Coffee Shops in the Indian cities (the scenario is slightly different in foreign countries, where at best couples of opposite sexes and not groups are visiting) we can easily find out the answer.

While ordering the very first cup of coffee, invariably the order precedes with a request for some crispy snacks first. You’ll find more than in the early mornings when individuals come, sit and sip hot coffee for making their nerves stimulated for briskness, the afternoon and evening sessions of Coffee meetings require snacks enormously.

Good Coffee and Healthy Snacks

In the Indian conditions, ordinarily Coffee and Tea in roadside shops are often taken with oily substances of fried snacks. But the younger generation are widely conscious of their diets (or so they advised by their elders, to keep a watch to avoid junk foods) they prefer only low calorie and high protein munches and snacks. So the preferred choices are often – sandwiches; puffs; rolls; biscuits; and salty soy crisps. If they are hungrier in the evenings, they do not mind taking items made with batter like buns, burgers and hot dogs – both vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

The hot chilly taste of any snack mentioned above, adds pep to the taste of hot coffee or tea and people find it a very sumptuous treat, to have these snacks along with coffee. There is also another popular practice you can very well notice in these Coffee Shops. Taking a bite from the hot snack item first, followed by a sip of Coffee and continuing this till the end is common occurrence. So the answer to the question “is Coffee better with snacks what?” – can easily be an emphatic “Yes” by all means.

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