Irish coffee is considered as a cocktail. Even according to the IBA official special standards it is taken to be a cocktail drink in form of a coffee. According to the sources Irish coffee was invented and named by Joe-Sheridan, a head chef at Foynes, County Limerick. It is a drink born in Ireland. Irish coffee is a mixed type of drink. It is served both hot and cold. Irish coffee is made of cream but the cream is not whipped. Generally the drinks made and sold with whipped cream are popularly known as Irish coffee.

The Best Irish Coffee in the World

Irish coffee basically consists of hot coffee, Irish whiskey and sugar and nevertheless we cannot forget the main ingredient of the Irish coffee that gives brings out the essence of the taste that is the cream.

Irish Coffee Recipe

Another unique characteristic that International Bartenders Association brings to our notice is that it is a long drink. Here is another benefit or a rather an advantage of Irish coffee that again brings out the uniqueness of the drink is that this drink helps the stroke patients in there recovery as this drink is a mix of coffee and whiskey it gives the brain a sudden fit for recovery. Irish coffee really helps to lessen the heart diseases. It’s said and believed that it equals to the treatment given medically. The University Of Texas also took this research into consideration.

As we all know that as a coin has two similarly everything has its pros and cons and so does this. Therefore Irish coffee also has its disadvantages like having above three cups in a day may cause cancer as there excess of caffeine intake in the human body. It may also cause sleeplessness.

Types of Irish Coffee Drink Recipe

There many other drinks that are similar to Irish coffee they are :-

  • Frozen Irish Coffee
  • Godiva Irish Coffee
  • Iced Irish Coffee
  • Simple Irish Coffee
  • Irish Coffee-Isle Style
  • Irish Mist Coffee
  • Irish Vanilla Coffee
  • Nutty Irish Coffee
  • Irish 49
  • Irish Cow
  • Irish French Kiss
  • Irish Gold
  • Irish Jell-o
  • Irish Shillelagh

Now as enough has been said about the Irish coffee now it’s time for the for the coffee lovers to try and test there Irish coffee with the recipe that follows below:

How to Make the Perfect Irish Coffee

  • For making this drink we need 1 ½ oz Irish Whiskey.
  • 1 tsp brown sugar.
  • 6 oz hot coffee.
  • Heavy cream.

These were the ingredients of Irish coffee. These ingredients mentioned are for serving an individual only.

The Irish coffee is prepared by pouring black coffee into a mug after the black coffee follows the whiskey and also a tablespoon of brown sugar. This mixture is to be heated but it does not have to be boiled. Then the main ingredient of the Irish coffee is added that is cream. The cream is poured at the backside of the spoon and is held above the coffee in the mug. The cream will float on the coffee without stirring it. Therefore when the coffee is sipped in the layers of the cream are felt through the taste.

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