Italian Coffee – An Easy, Decadent Coffee Recipe

When we think of coffee, we think of Italy and when we think of Italian coffee we think of Lavazza, Italy’s Favourite Coffee. Lavazza was founded in 1895 by Luigi Lavazza. It was initially run from a small grocery store at Via San Tommaso 10. The business of Lavazza S.p.A. is currently administered by the 3rd and 4th generation of the Lavazza family. Lavazza imports coffee from Brazil and Colombia in South America, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Honduras in Central America, Uganda in Africa, Indonesia and Vietnam in Asia and the United States and Mexico in North America.

Italian Coffee Recipes

Italian Coffee Drinks Recipes, Beans & Types

There are a few famous Italian Coffee Recipes. There is Classico Espresso with 1 oz. espresso, poured into a demitasse cup and served with a lemon twist. Then there is Italian Coffee with 5 oz. of fresh brewed coffee, 1 oz. of Amaretto Di Sarrona, 1 oz. of brandy, top with whipped cream and sprinkle with cinnamon.

There are many Italian Coffee Types. For example Americano, caffe, cappuccino, corretto,  Dietor, doppio, espresso, freddo, granite, Hag, latte, lungo, macchiato, marocchino, panna, ristretto, scuro, shakerato and zucchero.

The various types of Italian Coffee Drinks are Café au lait, Café Bombón, Caffè latte, Cafe Medici, Café mélange, Café miel, Coffee milk, Cafe mocha and Café Touba.

The Italian Coffee Beans are of good quality and produce great coffee. The top Italian Coffee Companies are:

Torrefazione Parana: A family firm, founded In Rome by Mr. Ruggero Giannelli in 1960.

Illycaffè: A brand of coffee produced in Trieste, Italy.

Segafredo Zanetti: Now the leading Espresso producer in Italy and throughout the world, with more than 70000 clients and 50 million cups of espresso drunk.

The Italian espresso machine is an Italian Coffee Machine. Multiple machine designs have been created to produce espresso like Steam-driven, Piston-driven, Pump-driven and Air-Pump-driven. Mocha pots, also known as stove top espresso makers, are similar to espresso machines in that they brew under pressure and differ from espresso machines in that they brew under substantially lower pressure.

How to Make Italian Coffee in 8 Easy Steps

How to Make Italian Coffee? Well, there are 8 simple steps.

1. First we break down the mocha pot into its 3 parts. Fill the bottom part with very cold water to the rim.

2. Fill the filter with ground coffee to the top of the rim.

3. Then float the filter with the ground coffee on top of the water

4. While you are waiting on it to percolate take a regular coffee cup and fill with about 4 teaspoons of sugar. You will add about 2 teaspoons of the espresso to this sugar.

5. When it starts to percolate pour about 3 teaspoons of it into the cup of sugar and with a spoon stir fast to break it down.
Note: put the mocha pot back onto the stove top until it is finished and then you take it off the heat.

6. Stir fast until you have a light caramel color

7. Now you add about a teaspoon of it to the espresso cup.

8. Pour the espresso over the sugar and stir and you will have a beautiful and perfect coffee to drink!

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