My First Love Is Last Love And Will Be Forever

It was there, it was a surprise and it happened, slowly after the first sip! Melting right into those taste buds which glazes the palate and leaves behind that satisfying feeling, even if perhaps life doesn’t give you what you want, one cup of caffeine is all that you want. Coating your lips with flavorsome cream; let me guess that smile is already there as you’ll recall your very first moments in life when you had your first taste of coffee.

My First Love Coffee

‘My First Love… Coffee’, that’s what I say and many others who’ve fallen in love with this beverage, in fact their lives are incomplete without its consumption. And you’ll find yourself scoring the menu for the most variant types of its kind. It will amaze people when someone reveals to them that they’re caffeine addicts, and that their mornings cannot commence unless a steaming cup of coffee doesn’t stand near their breakfast plates. And your very first love if it is coffee will have the loveliest memories attached to it.

My First and Last Love Coffee

‘You’re walking into the café next door, and instinctively your nostrils pick the heady scent of the coffee beans; the sound of the brewing machines, the chatter inside the house, and maybe a laid back Indies record playing which sublimes your senses instantly. You might have had the worst situation at hand, but with your love at hand, nothing is impossible and has a way out. ‘Love’, I mentioned that and it refers to your regular coffee dose, sometimes it can change just like those human lovers in your life but what sustains are those grounded coffee beans, the peace and this cup of latte.’

Your life wherever it may lead you, will profoundly change you as a person, however ‘Coffee’, I doubt it should change any feelings, after all the chemical composites of this mixture will always stimulate the same reactions within. You will have countless ‘latte stories’ to tell your children, and one basic element of that memory will somehow indirectly be coffee.

Coffee… My First and Last Love

‘Coffee… My First Love’, and when you think about it, you release a sigh, at least I did when I had my first sip. And was it beautiful? How can you define taste? How can you substantiate aroma? It’s all a mixture, just like that cup of coffee, a brewed version of milk, sugar and spice. It’s steaming, when you’re angry; it is a freezing beverage when you’re out for fun, or maybe the regular old ‘Americano’ can sober your inhibitions. The crave to taste and learn more never ends which is why my memories pervade back into the past recollecting those times when the ‘French Roast’ was my first strong brown coffee. Then it was the Italian swing, which is none other than ‘Espresso’. Your ‘instant coffee’ hits can surely reel your hearts back into those periods where a cup of coffee became your leisure mate. And this delicacy still streams my senses, it holds its caption in my life; that being, “My First Love…Coffee”.

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