Top 10 Interesting Fun Facts About Coffee

Have a look on some Astonishing Coffee Facts

There are lots of things that you won’t still be aware about coffee in spite of the fact that you are a great coffee fan! Let’s have a look on some of the shocking coffee facts.

Top 10 Interesting Fun Facts About Coffee

Coffee is Regarded as the King of Drinks: Coffee is loved and welcomed by all around the globe and therefore is given a status of king of drinks. You can have an idea of this fact from the daily consumption of coffee in America. On an average, Americans sip about 3.4 cups a day. Also, talking globally, the average worldwide consumption of coffee is much more than milk, tea or soda.

Coffee is Always been a Part of Western Culture: Coffee is been included in the glorious culture of the west since past four centuries in one way or the other. Not only is this, evidences of its involvement in eastern culture even much longer.

Funny Facts about Coffee

Only few People know much about the Coffee Facts: There are only a small percentage of people who know more about coffee like the climatic conditions required for its growth, its farming, traditional and conventional coffees apart from the fact that they love it because it simply just tastes good!

Surprising Facts About Coffee and Caffeine

Coffee Bean looks like a Small Cherry Fruit when it’s Small: Only few of us know that the way the coffee beans look to us have looked like small cheery fruit when it’s on branches. It begins its life cycle as the small green seed. Coffee plants are quiet big and can grow up to 40 feet in air. But they are pruned and kept small so that harvesting of coffee is easy and smooth.

Coffee first is said to Grow in Africa: No one has the clear evidence of their first existence. But according to various botanical experts, it first grew on its own in wild horn of Africa in about 500 A.D.

Coffee Prep: Coffee production and preparation takes a lot of time. We have so many people in the world all over who craze after a cup of coffee and the surprising fact is that it takes around five years for a coffee tree to reach maturity which means on an average a single yield equals to a pound of roasted coffee.

Interesting and Funny Things about Coffee

Coffee Makes You Travel: It has been witnessed that if you consume coffee on a daily basis, you end up travelling all the way to Florida every year. Interesting right?

Venice in 1683: They opened their first coffee shop which was meant specifically for the aristocrats and the rich society.

First ever Instant Coffee: A Belgian who lived in Guatemala was the first ever to introduce instant coffee in 1906.

The Expression “A Cup of Joe”: It is used to denote coffee and was first introduced during WWII, when infamous American servicemen known as ‘G.I. Joe’ were recognized to being big coffee drinkers during those times.

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