Go back to 13th Century in World History – that’s when in Ethiopia the miraculous beverage of world fame “Coffee” was born. The seeds of Coffee plant derived from the cherries (or fruits) are the root cause of the scintillating flavor of Coffee as we know it now, travelled from there to other countries. Today – take your breath – the world population swallows 1.6 billion cups of coffee everyday, which no other beverage can beat.

The Coffee Industry that includes from cultivation of Coffee Plants in Hills and Estates, and ends up with the Coffee Shops out there all over the world, to each individual home employs millions of people, and affects billions of people by its consumption. So vast is the volume of Coffee Business, which engulfs almost every country in the world map by some relation with Coffee.

Types of Coffee Varieties

Types of Coffee Beans and Its Varieties

A Good cup of Hot Coffee – this is all wanted above everything by the Coffee-lovers. But it will be surprising that the Coffee seeds (also known as Coffee Beans) have only 3 varieties by their cultivation plan and origin. They are “Coffee Arabica” “Coffee Canephora” (or Robusta) and “Coffee Liberica”.

Coffee Arabica as it is popularly known by the Industry is the first to emanate from mostly the Mountains of Arabian Peninsula, and thus derived its name. It is the forefather of Coffee Beans by its age over 1000 years in usage. The shape of the Coffee Beans in this variety is almost round, and it is commonly called as “round seeds”. The Coffee Decoction derived by these seeds is somewhat lighter, but of high quality in taste.

Coffee Robusta is the refined variety of plants cultivated in Goa of India, and spread over the country to many hillsides of South India. These Coffee Beans are flat in shape and hence popularly known as “flat seeds”. The decoction of these flat seeds is thicker and black and so adds to the bitterness of the Coffee beverage, requiring adding more milk to produce excellent smelling Hot Coffee of South India.

Coffee Liberia is the latest-born variety in the 19th Century in Indonesia, to replace the perished “Arabica Coffee Plants” by devastation of some disease. This variety is similar to Robusta and some 1% of the total Coffee Consumption is from these seeds, the major contributor of these Coffee Seeds being Malaysia.

Types of Coffee Drinks and Coffea Beans Varieties

Enough of Coffee Seeds varieties and let us come to innumerable beverages and drinks made up of these Coffee varieties.  There are – Hot Coffee; Ice Coffee; Chocolate Coffee; French Coffee; Irish Coffee; Italian Coffee; Indian Coffee and so on. It is no exaggeration to say Coffee and its varieties differ only by their preparation.

Cappuccino and Espresso are world popular Coffee Brands in beverages available everywhere. Star Bucks Coffee and the multi-billion dollar Coffee Shop Chains use only just these three varieties in Coffee Beans and make magical blends of steaming and tongue-bud relishing Coffee blends, to attract their customers, who converge in these shops for two purposes: one – tasting good Coffee and two: chatting with their friends’ battalion.

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