The Chronic Wedlock between ‘Sex and Coffee’

It is only the morning, but a bright morning and all your heart yearns for is a cup of steaming hot caffeine and what’s better than your lover providing one. And you reel back into those memories of the amazing night before; the aficionada wielding the chains of your sexual pleasures. Yes! Coffee and Sex together result in a very stimulating atmosphere whether it is in your cabins or outside in the campus.

What Drinking Coffee Can Do for Your Sex Life

For centuries ‘Coffee’ has been regarded as a stimulant; a delectable beverage which soothes the nerves inside your stressed bones and most importantly triggers your hormonal activities within. Women are afflicted with the karmic tendencies to have an instant desire for their mates after a cup of cappuccino or should a more intricate caffeine presentation swell your taste buds and heighten your womanly peaks? Caffeine is just another one of those adhesives!

Hot Girl Drinking Coffee

Scientifically if one has to prove the relation between ‘Sex and Coffee’; brew your brains to understand a simple formula which states that for every man or woman out there; although research has it, it is prominent in women often; there is an immediate response by the sex hormones to undergo expressive release within the internal systems of the body which activates sexual desires within the individual. Our pituitary hormones are controlled by the hypothalamus which in turn is just another organ that runs under the prompt commands of the CNS i.e. the Central Nervous System.

Is Coffee Good or Bad for Your Testosterone?

The quickening of your heartbeat, the external changes which surface in the body as well as our emotions which elicit our behavior with respect to the opposite sex or maybe even the same gender are all consequences of caffeine’s chemical components which lead to such changes. A chain of reactions have been witnessed medically where androgens and their direct affect upon the body and mind is merely the aftermath of a large dosage of coffee into the blood.

Study has it that those women who’re past menopause and the ones who are still in their marital stages undergo maximum excitation on and their sexual activities rise beyond the fallen level. Though it is considered a positive feedback of the body regarding a spectacle which is biologically natural; it may also cause instant strokes.

Sex and Coffee: Magic Power Coffee

‘Coffee and Sex’ sound perfect together after all the new generation no longer hide behind curtains, nor do their thoughts shrink to limitations with respect to its discussions. Almost every person on the planet has a healthy sexual lifestyle pertaining to the frequent imbibitions of caffeine as a part of their diet. Coffee exceedingly charges the body and thus intensely increases the adrenaline rush within the internal environment.

It is a thirst quencher for the orifice as well as the divan. May it be the morning or the night; afternoons ensemble the need for a cup of coffee more however whatever may be the period of the day or the month, millions consume caffeine at an expansive rates. Its intake suffices the sexual appetites of plenty!

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