Are you also a great fan of coffee? While enjoying the sips of coffee, this question might have stuck in your mind that “Where Can I Find The World’s Most Popular Coffee?” well, if yes, you are at the right place. Have you ever thought that people can worship coffee? Have you ever thought that there are few places where people earn their livelihood with coffee? Where coffee roasters are given the status of celebrities… You can definitely find various cities around the globe where this happens! And these are the places where one can find the world’s best coffee and popular one too!

Most Popular Coffee Shops

World’s Most Popular Coffee Shops Guide

One of many such places is Seattle in Washington. It is one of the most trusted places where one can find the best coffee. It is America’s market where fine and high quality coffee markets, products and shops exist. Having a glance on the city’s history, it is the place where famous coffee houses like “Espresso Vivace” and “Zoka” exist. It is the place where Seattle’s best and Starbucks Coffee came into existence in 1971 at the famous “Pike Place Market”. Seattle’s neighboring regions are also the popular sites of coffee. Fremont is the neighboring town of Seattle and consists of most visited coffee shop “Lighthouse Coffee Roasters. It has gained popularity due to its famous “Silky Crema Coffee”.

Coming to another corner of world, New Zealand, to the city of Wellington, you will find it strange to discover an entirely different committee committed to their special coffee which they call as “Kiwi Coffee Drink”. Their history says that a movement was headed by the tourists and the residents if New Zealand in 1950 which introduced the European coffee culture in replacement of rugby sports and beer. Wellington is famous for various coffee shops like “People’s Coffee”, “Mojo”, “Havana Coffee Works”. “Kiwi Latte” can be found only in “Havanna Coffee Works” in New Zealand.

World’s Most Famous and Fine Quality Coffee

Coming to Rome, it had gained huge popularity for its pastas industry and various classical structures. But only few of us know about its great coffee treasure of “Espresso”. It’s the place where you can find the world’s most famous coffee. It forms a great combo of drinking espresso after having pasta. Rome is also famous for its tasty “Cappuccino” drink. Besides this, “Prime Piazza” is the most popular in whole Rome for its everlasting espresso taste.

Argentina is also not far behind. Its city of Buenos Aires is the most visited and trusted place for the world’ best finest coffee. You must have heard the name of “Havanna” which is the most famous coffee shop here. It’s been admired and rapidly visited for its famous Café Chicos and Cortados.

Next time when you visit any of these places, don’t forget to visit their coffee shops and café in addition to visiting the scenic beauty and landscapes. These are some of the places where you can find the World’s most famous and fine quality coffee.

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