Top 10 Female Film Directors in the World 2016 List

Top Female Film Directors in the world

Women are keeping their pace in almost every stream of today. Even in the film industry, they have proven their caliber with some of the wonderful movies. Domination of man in the industry is a matter of remote past. Today’s world belongs to women, who are establishing themselves in this creative world of art with some finest pieces. Let’s discuss about the top 10 female film directors in the world in 2015-2016.

Top 10 Female Film Directors in the world 2016 List

Claire Denis: Popularly known as France’s greatest living female film director, she is known for her outstanding work performance in her film ‘Chocolat’ in 1988. She is a renowned writer, an actress and a film director famous for her award-winning movies namely; Beau Travail, Shots of Rum and White Material.

Top Female Film Directors 2016

Phyllida Lloyd: An iconic person whose directorial venture in ‘The Iron Lady’ brought her the real fame. She possesses excellent acting and directorial skills which have depicted through her career span in the field of entertainment.

Sofia Coppola: The third lady who tops the list of top female film directors in the world, she is the owner of an eminent persona. Her directing skills need no proof. She has won Best Original Screenplay award for her film ‘Lost in Translation’.

Mira Nair: This Harvard educated director is known for creating some of the award winning documentaries like ‘So Far From India’ and ‘India Cabaret’. This Indian based director works from New York and also nominated for an Academy award in best foreign language film category for her debut film ‘Salaam Bombay’.

Miranda July: One of the best female film directors, known for making some wonderful movies with ease. Being and author, screenwriter and an actress, she has managed to grab some of the well-known awards for her directorial moves in the industry.

Best Female Film Directors 2016

Catherine Hardwicke: A very talented persona with excellent skills. One of the top film directors in the world popularly known for her finest directing performance in the film ‘Twilight’.

Kathryn Bigelow: She is the first woman to win Academy award for Best Director for her film ‘The Hurt Locker’. She is quite famous for her unbelievable visuals and heart-pounding action sequences.

Deepa Mehta: A very daring director, who often remain stacked in many controversies on her films. She gains popularity by her open views on the real problems of society. Her best contribution could be seen through her films like ‘Water’, ‘Fire’ and ‘Elements Trilogy’.

Jane Campion: One of the top female film directors in the world, known for being the second out of those four women who are nominated for Academy Award for best director. In 1993, she receives the Oscar nod for her film ‘The Piano’.

Gina Prince-Bythewood: Remember the widely acclaimed movie-Love & Basketball? Behind such wonderful creation, Gina’s spirit was there. For this film only, she won the Best First Feature and a Humanitas prize.

Their work is highly recommendable and every woman should follow them. The above top 10 female film directors in the world serve a great example to those women who are fighting with this male dominant society.

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