Street food of India is worldwide famous for its super delicious varieties. You being an Indian must have surely stood on the streets to enjoy the variety of food India serves. Remember that gulping of pani puri and having spicy chole bhature? Even the big brand car holders finds halt after having the aroma of tasty street food, so this is the worldwide famous top 10 Street foods of India.

Top 10 Best Indian Street Food – Road Side Dishes

01.  Pani Puri

1st on the list is obviously the street food that is loved by all ages, yes Pani Puri. The awestrucking taste of crunchy Pani Puri when goes into the mouth along with the deliciously flavoured pani (water) made with coriander leaves and mint, makes us feel like heaven on earth.

Top 10 Indian Street Food

02.  Bhel Puri

Main toh raste se ja raha tha! Main toh bhel puri kha raha tha tujhe mirchi lagi toh?? Yaa main kya karu..
Bhel is the spiciest flavoured street food to enjoy with your buddies, this flavoursome food will satisfy your taste buds for sure.

03.  Chole Bhature

When the man on a lorry near by cooks Chole bhature the aroma of it will surely bring you to spend penny on it to assuage your taste buds. Chole bhature is tasty as hell, and this being my personal favourite. What about you?

04.  Chole Allo Tikki

Allo Tikki is the decorative way of potato to meet his partner chole. This one is the most eatable dish in the small towns and even in the big cities too, this dish always wins the race in the marriage and is mostly on the first stall.

05.  Poha

Poha the breakfast food. Streets in the morning are usually full with the vendors on the lorry selling the delicious street food, poha. Salty spicy Poha makes the morning breakfast perfect with the hot chai along with it.Poha Indian Food06.  Pav Bhaji

Chopaaty ki Pav Bhaji nahi khai toh kya khaya. Pav bhaji the favourite street food of children and even adults too. The delicious vegetables when gets together along with pav it gets soo extra yummy and over delicious to not wait and to just gulp it.

07.  Samosa Kachori

Guests are mostly served in our houses with this all time ready street food, Samosa and kachori. This yummy all time available food confuses us with the dilemma to select samosa or kachori. I rather selecting, usually eat both. And you?

08.  Chai Pakoda

Monsoon are best when you get served with tongue warming chai and pakoda. Chai compliments pakoda so perfectly, the masala chai along with crispy pakoda brings rain to your mouth too.

Street Food Chai Pakoda

09.  Vada Pav

Vada Pav is the street food, found mostly in the streets of Maharashtra and now in the other states too. The crispy deep fried vada when is eated with spongy pav makes our taste buds go wow.

10.  Momos

The newly welcomed dish in India and the favourite of youngsters. Momos are the fig shaped dish usually served with perfectly sour pury of tamarind. This one being the most famous in our capital of India.

After thinking and reading this all, I’m soo much sure about your mouth spilling and filling with water to satisfy your taste buds with all this mouth watering food. Rush to the street now and have one of these delicious street food.


  1. Wow.. mouth watering after reading your blog.. wonderful writing kartika… Love this.. beautifuly describe every food from all over india… Well done job… As always.. love to read your caption and stories…

    You can add also some surtie or food from gujarat in it
    like “lochho” , “Allu puri” , “Veg khavsa” and another popular “Idli sambhar”

    1. Thanks a lot ☺☺? And thanks for your kind suggestions too ?

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