Demonetisation of Indian Currency – Note Ban Will Kill Fake Cash, Terror and Corruption

Demonetisation of Indian Currency

When Whole of India was about to snore,  our very own prime minister brought an earthquake in the whole of nation and shivered every single bed in the country.

On the historical day of 8th Nov 2016 announcement made at first was actually hard to believe and all that was felt was that, the ears are the creep to hear something wrong. But, Soon the impact was visible in whole of our nation and you have experienced it too. And thus on November 9 the highest currency note of Rs 500 and 1000 was brought to an end with the legal and official announcement of exchanging it with the new currency of Rs 2000 and the new 500 note.Demonetisation - Note Ban 2016

Demonetisation of Indian Rupees

The step took forward by our prime minister is still in a debate whether it was for right or not. The opposing parties took a stride at this particular moment to be over active to oppose in any way possible and obviously the common man with no guilt and fraud welcomed this with the open arms but this makes the riches go badly against him. The over stuffed money which was flowing into some reputated houses was now in huge trouble cause it was caught into the trap by our intelligent prime minister. Here there rush, run, let’s play hide and seek with our money. So money you hide and let not the income tax manager seek you. So this is the scenario at present too.

Banks long chains are irritating much but that’s just for few days, is what everyone is claiming. This currency exchange have led trouble to our nation in economy much, market sank down just because of no currency to exchange for.

The Indian economy is badly hit because of the highest currency note shut down. However the hope of the tax collection, financially is regarded to increase in the coming days and it will surely lead to the growth of our economy.

Note Ban will Kill Fake Cash, Terror and Corruption

The black market and the fraud duplicate money makers are the baddest hit at present and they are the one cursing prime minister for this step. However, the common middle class man has no say at any side at present, he loves the decision by Narendra Modi and welcomes this with the applause. But what about the pretty innocent Poors? Yeah, They are suffering too, just because of the blackmailing by the over money handlers and because of the hard daily life too and no change of money to complete the daily chores of life.

And thus the dilemma is never ending, now you only end this by answering yourself which class you belong to and whether you will walk hand in hand with him or not.

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