Top 10 Most Beautiful Contestants of Miss World

Top 10 Most Beautiful Contestants of Miss World

Being beautiful is a beautiful thing and if you are beautiful enough to become Miss World, you should make a try. Every other girl wants to become Miss World. But, achieving the title is not so easy. For the girls performing in Miss World competition need to put in a lot of preparation and dedication. For quality performance, you need to know and analyze the efforts made by the most beautiful and talented Miss World contestants till now. Here we are with the top 10 most beautiful contestants of Miss-World till 2017.

Beautiful Miss World Contestants 2017

Top 10 Most Beautiful Miss World Contestants

01.  Zhang-Zillin: Zhang-Zillin, the Chinese model, tops the list of most beautiful Miss World contestants with her innocent and cute smile. Born in 1984, she has won the title of ‘Miss China’. Not only in China, has her fan-following spread all around the globe. Being recognized as a cute Barbie doll, she now works as a successful businesswoman.

02.  Sancler Frantz: This Brazilian model has acquired one of the hotspot Miss-World position. Defined as the beauty queen of the World, She had been the wonderful and stylish competitor of the Miss World pageant. Apart from modeling, she had also sprayed her talent perfume on a Television show, being an anchor, for many years.

03.  Denise Valerie Ayena: Grabbing the third position of the list, this South-Cameroon born beauty is one of the most talented performers of Miss World contest. Her hobbies take her to painting and sketching which are just opposite to her journalism and communication education.

04.  Kristy Marie Agapioy: A hot-fashion diva is the perfect name for Kristy. Though she is the hottest contestants of the Miss-World contest, she actually recognized by her fame in the fashion world. Crowned as Miss Cyprus for several years, this Newcastle University graduate’s passion lies in modeling.

05.  Aishwarya Rai Bachchan: Heartthrob of millions of fans and magnificent Bollywood actress are the right term to call this beautiful lady. Crowned with the Miss-World title in 1994, she had worked in several Hollywood movies too. Her attractive persona and mesmerizing blue eyes separates her from the rest.

06.  Diana Hayden: Indian lady with a remarkable beauty. A dynamic participant of 1997 Miss World contest, she is popular of her photogenic face and glamorous body texture. A girl of Hyderabad city, India who enters Hollywood after winning the title.

07.  Ivian Sarcos: 1986, Venezuela born, the beauty of the lady is incomparable. A Portugal beauty who won the title of 2011 Miss-World.

08.  Agbani Darego: Agbani Darego, a dark-complexioned female, who is the only finalist chosen in 2001 Miss World Contest, having dark complexion. The Nigerian born lady is the owner of a pleasing personality and receives great admiration in 2001 Miss-World.

09.  Carranzar Naa Okailey: Native of Accra, the lady owns charming traits that makes her perfect for any contest. Despite being a medical student, she participated in 2013 Hottest Miss World contest and earns the title of 3rd runner up.

10.  Anna Zaiachkivska: Crowned with Miss Ukraine title, the lady stands out from the list with her appealing beauty and sexy eyes. Having a deep interest in painting, singing and poetry, she makes a special position in the top 10 list of the most beautiful contestants of Miss World.

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