Greatest Irish Movies 2016 Top 10 List Upcoming Films 2017

Greatest Irish Movies of all time are based on various kinds of themes and thoughts. These Irish movies have an ultimate and drastic Irish song. The popular Irish movies are a must watch and they convey a message through their story line and songs. The top 10 Irish movies are listed below in the list. This list also consists of best Irish movies 2017.

Top 10 Irish Movies 2017

Top 10 Irish Movies of All Time – Greatest Irish Songs

01.  Man About Dog (2004) another hilarious and comedy movie where the two neighbors fight consistently with each other regarding the parking lots. These two face lot of co-incidences where in they come over each other and ultimately end up fighting.

02.  Mad About Mambo (2000) is an inspirational movie where the story line and concept is developed around the essence and the happening of good things when one starts to get up early in the morning.

03.  The Mackintosh Man (1973) is really a comic and comedy movie to watch. When this lad came to Ireland he faced many problems and this is where the comedy comes in.

04.  Nora (2000) is a romantic and a must watch movie. Here this couple lives in a live in relation. Strong bonding, love and affection is the strong thread which keeps them together and only death can separate them.

05.  The Nephew (1998) is a movie in which the father of this character is always annoyed on him regarding his discrepancies and unavailability to do something productive in life. The story revolves around this concept and in every situation the question springs up that what Richard did with his life. The movie ends up with the answer when Richard did an encouraging act.

Best Irish Movies List

06.  The Lonely Passion of Judith Hearne (1987) is a wonderful and must watch movie where this character is ready to grab anything and everything which comes across him. Though this is a very good thing to grab everything which comes across as his way but at the same time this is a bad habit since this may lead the person in the problems.

07.  Leap Year (2010) is the movie which consists of the story revolving the characters who believe in regeneration of the situations and persons along with every single tangible commodity in the world.

08.  Little Nellie Kelly (1940) is a movie rather very inspirational movie. This movie is based on the inspiration which an individual should have for his country. The courage, valor and enthusiasm is required when an individual decides to serve his nation.

09.  Odd Man Out (1947) is another very nice movie to watch where this character is a very humorous one and always believe in living life to its fullest. But there came a time when this character faces certain problems and the story revolves around how this character gets over the problems and becomes happy.

10.  Love And Rage (1998) is a very humorous movie which is based on the story of a boy who comes from a town in Ireland and the kind of situations he comes across.

New Irish Movies 2016 List Upcoming Films 2017, 2018

  • I Am Not a Serial Killer (2016) – Christopher Lloyd, Laura Fraser and Max Records
  • Handsome Devil (2016) – Nicholas Galitzine and Fionn O’Shea
  • Sing Street (2016) – Lucy Boynton, Ferdia Walsh-Peelo, Aidan Gillen & Jack Reynor
  • Ellie (2016)

So stay tuned for latest Irish Movies 2017 Songs for entertainment.

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