British Rock Band Coldplay New Songs 2016 List, Top 10 Albums and Upcoming Concert Tours

Coldplay, a British rock band formed up by its lead vocalist Chris Martin and Guitarist Jonny Buckland in 1996. Its other members are Guy Berryman- the bassist and Will Champion- the drummer. Winner of several renowned awards, this band had achieved worldwide fame with its ultimate performances over the stage. All their songs are famous all over the world. Winner of best British group three times, this band had shown active interest in supporting several social causes. Let’s put some light on top 10 Coldplay songs.

Coldplay New Songs 2016

Rock Band Coldplay Top 10 Songs List 2016

01.  Paradise: It’s Para-Para paradise. An amazing song by Coldplay depicting the tale of a little girl who follows the world from a different perception. Its classical combination of music takes you to a new world. Simply mesmerizing.

02.  Viva La Vida: Another one of the best Coldplay songs, known for the sensations it create in one’s mind. When you listen to the song, you will get so much attached with it, that you will start feeling like the king. A good song with great suspense and sound.

03.  Fix You: A wonderful song, probably one of the top Coldplay songs. It’s basically a song that has something to depict, something to prove. An emotional number that can make anyone cry with its deep meaning words. Every person will feel himself related after listening to this song.

04.  The Scientist: A calm and original number especially made for those who want to listen something while going to sleep. This emotional number is one of the best Coldplay songs depicting an amazing and beautiful story.

05.  Clocks: It is a rock song that is sung by using piano in it. A different approach either. This song holds amazing lyrics and awesome tune that fills the heart with emotions. Really a masterpiece created by the singers. One of the top 10 Coldplay songs.

06.  Yellow: It is the Kick started song created by Coldplay band. It allows a smooth platform for other songs too. It is from the debut album Parachutes, which has broken all previous sale records. A very good song or can say one of the top Coldplay songs depicting the heart melting emotions.

07.  Speed of Sound: A great song with ultimate lyrics probably one of the top 10 Coldplay songs. It leads you through the piano introduction to a dramatic climax with in-built suspense. A good number reviving the childhood memories.

08.  Every Teardrop is a Waterfall: One of the best Coldplay songs with amazing guitar sound, awesome drum sound and perfect voice of Chris Martin. A very rhythmic song that is perfectly made and presented for the music lovers.

09.  Violet Hill: this song is Coldplay’s best song with an awesome, unique and addictive texture. Once you listen to it, you will love to listen it hundred times again. A very original piece of art with a deep meaning inside.

10.  In My Place: A wonderful creation by Coldplay band with simple combination of words. The lyrics will take you to your own happy and sad places making it more meaningful.

English Rock Band Coldplay New Songs 2016 List

  • Hymn for the Weekend with Beyonce (2016)
  • Birds (2016)

Coldplay Albums including New Album 2016

  • A Head Full of Dreams (2015)
  • Ghost Stories (2014)
  • Mylo Xyloto (2011)
  • Viva la Vida/Death and All His Friends (2008)
  • X&Y (2005)
  • A Rush of Blood to the Head (2002)
  • Parachutes (2000)

Coldplay Band Members

  • Chris Martin
  • Guy Berryman
  • Jonny Buckland
  • Will Champion

British Rock Band Coldplay Concert Tour 2016 Upcoming

  • A Head Full of Dreams Tour (2015-2016)

The above top 10 Coldplay songs 2016 list have been created to touch the life of music lovers and of course they have attained success in it. Coldplay band is continuing gaining the appraisal for their wonderful work in the entertainment industry.

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