In that case, let’s talk about a popular band Imagine Dragons. Music and rock songs are something to which everyone is addicted these days. This Las Vegas American Rock band was formed in the year 2008. The band got its first break of performance in the year 2010. The band played there for a crowd of more than 26000 people. The members of the band include Den Reynolds for vocal, Ben McKee for bass and backing vocals, Wayne Wing Sermon for Guitar and Dan Platzman for drums. The Band has till date got loads of acclamation and names like “Las Vegas Newest Must See Live Act, Best Local Indie Band 2010 etc. The band launched their debut album titled “Night Vision” in the year 2012 and ever since the launch of their new album they have been frequently going on world tours. Here we provided some of very best Imagine Dragons songs including his studio album Night Vision songs and extend plays.

Imagine Dragons Songs 2017

Top 10 Imagine Dragons Songs 2016 List

  1. Monster (2013)
  2. I Bet My Life (2014)
  3. Radioactive (2012)
  4. Shots (2015)
  5. Demons (2013)
  6. It’s Time (2012)
  7. Warriors (2014)
  8. I Was Me (2015)
  9. Hear Me (2012)
  10. Battle Cry (2014)
  11. Roots (2015)
  12. On Top of the World (2013)
  13. I’m So Sorry (2015)
  14. Smoke + Mirrors (2015)
  15. Friction (2015)
  16. The Fall (2015)
  17. Polaroid (2015)
  18. Dream (2015)
  19. It Comes Back to You (2015)

Imagine Dragons New Songs 2016 List

  • Sucker for Pain with Wiz Khalifa & Lil Wayne (2016)
  • Not Today (2016)

The band also gained exposure on late night shows. Jimmey Kimmel Livel, Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. The Band was titled as the “The Breakthrough Band of 2013” by the Billboard Magazine. Another magazine, Rolling Stone named Imagine Dragons as “Radioactive”. In this was the band gained critical acclaim and today has millions of fan all over.

Imagine Dragons Band Current Members

  • Dan Reynolds
  • Ben McKee
  • Daniel Wayne Sermon
  • Daniel Platzman
  • Will Wells (Touring Member)
  • Ryan Walker (Touring Member)

Imagine Dragons Albums & Extended Plays

  • Night Visions (2012)
  • iTunes Session (2013)
  • The Archive (2013)
  • Hear Me (2012)
  • Continued Silence (2012)
  • It’s Time (2011)
  • Hell and Silence (2010)
  • ImagineDragons (2009)

Imagine Dragons New Album 2016

  • Smoke + Mirrors (2015)

The band basically got inspiration from bands like Mumford & Sons. They are glad today to perform all over. Imagine Dragons have been nominated for various awards. If you ever get to listen to the band make sure you listen to their songs. Their songs are different from other bands and you are sure to love them. So if you are a rock music lover you must certainly listen to Imagine Dragons.

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