The Chainsmokers Albums and Songs List 2017 Upcoming

The World of music keeps on receiving new talents which come upon to serve mesmerized music to the music lovers. One such group full of talented people raised in the year 2012 by the name of Chainsmokers. The ‘Chainsmokers’ is basically the American based disc jockey which not only act as producers but also holds the song writers. The two members of the band namely; Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall attain great recognition for their contribution to the music industry. Though there are many good songs sung by these duos, but few are there who have attained great success. Let’s have a look at the top 10 Chainsmokers songs.

The Chainsmokers Songs 2017

American DJ duo Chainsmokers Top 10 Songs 2017 List

Selfie: Released in 2014, this song achieved the platinum success certification among the listeners. As it is created by the genre electro house, it has broken records of success. The top in the list of top 10 Chanismokers songs.

Roses ft. Rozes (2015)

Young Hearts: One of the best Chainsmokers songs, it is actually being created by artist Strange Talk but remixes by the Chainsmokers. The song contains beats that makes everyone dances.

The Rookie: the genre of this song is electro which is considered as the best genre for this superb song. This song attains recognition because of its great composition as well as remixes.

Habits (Stay High): This song holds the third position in the list of top 10 greatest Chainsmokers songs. Sung by Tove Lo, it is generated by the genre progressive house. An outstanding number known to have created a revolution among the music lovers and new singers.

Erase feat. Priyanka Chopra: the fifth position is grabbed by this song ‘Erase’ featuring Indian beauty ‘Priyanka Chopra’. This song attains the recognition all over the world. Its best feature is its video which achieved the maximum likes by the music lovers. One of the most popular Chainsmokers songs.

Closer ft. Halsey (2016)

Jealous: This song got released in 2014. Originally sung by Chromeo and remixed by the band-the Chainsmokers, it has achieved great success among the music lovers. It is one of the latest Chainsmokers songs.

Kanye feat. sirenXX: this song was created by the combo of the Chainsmokers and SirenXX. A very interesting song created on the ideology of a teenager was loved by many teenagers. The genre of the song is electro house and it was released in 2014. One of the best Chainsmokers songs.

Push: this guitar based rock song is one of the best songs in the list of top Chainsmokers songs. The remix of this song is presented with a new form of rock style music which receives appraisal all over the world.

Don’t Let Me Down ft. Daya (2016)

We Own the Night: another rocking number developed by the Duos. The song is remixed with ultimate tunes and stands separated from the rest of the songs. One of the best Chainsmokers songs, its video, when played takes you to a new world of happiness.

Push Push: the best song which is the biggest hit made by the band ‘The Chainsmokers’. Its genre is progressive house.

The Chainsmokers New Songs 2017 List

  • Paris (2017)
  • Something Just Like This (2017) with Coldplay

The Chainsmokers New Album 2017

  • Memories…Do Not Open (2017)
  • Bouquet (2015)
  • Collage (2016)

The above top 10 Chainsmokers songs are shortlisted from the reviews made by public. Both the artists of this American DJ duo The Chainsmokers are talented enough to make such songs which can make even a dull man dancing on the floor.

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