Top 10 Young Money Songs List & Upcoming New Albums 2016

Young Money, the short name of the band Young Money Entertainment. This American band and record label is established in the year 2003 by an individual named Lil Wayne. Young Money is the fast repute gaining band which is known to have created some of the finest songs of the era. The members involved with the band are Lil Wayne, Channel West Coast, Drake, Lil Twist and Young Mula. The later one is known to have created different world of Hip Hop that has brought great repute to the band all over the world. Among many songs, the top 10 Young Money songs 2016 are:

Top New Young Money Songs 2016

Top 10 Young Money New Songs 2016 List

01.  Every Girl (2009): One of the latest Young Money songs, it is sung by the eminent musicians of the band like Lil Wayne, Drake, Gudda Gudda, Mack Maine, and Jae Millz. Released in June 2009, this song was declared one of the best numbers of Young Money Band. This song is from the album ‘We Are Young Money’.

02.  The Bed Rock (2009): This particular song is also from the same album titled ‘We Are Young Money’. It is the bands second most interesting single song released in 2009. It is one of the most popular songs sung by Lil Wayne, Jae Millz and Drake.

03.  Roger That (2010): Released in 2010 on the urban radio, this song belongs to the album ‘We Are Young Money’. This is one of the best Young Money songs sung by Lil Wayne, Lloyd, Tyga and Nicki Minaj. Also rated under the top 10 Young Money songs list.

04.  Steady Mobbin (2009): the 4th position in the list of top 10 Young Money song is grabbed by its single titled ‘Steady Mobbin’ from the similar album “We Are Young Money”. Launched in 2009, this song receives great recognition and helps the band in landing at 48th position on the Billboard charts.

05.  Trophies (2014): this song sung by drake launched in 2014 earned great recognition. One of the top Young Money songs, it actually belongs to the album titled ‘Young Money-Rise of an Empire’.

06.  Tapout (2013): This song attains the 45th position on the billboard charts. Featuring Future, this song attains US-Gold certification and basically from the album ‘Rich Gang’.

07.  Pass the Dutch (2009): Among the best Young Money songs, this song attains the seventh position. Basically from the album ‘We Are Young Money’, it features Short Dawg in his outstanding performance.

08.  We Alright (2014): the first single Hip Hop song sung by Euro and Lil Wayne. A very interesting art piece that attains 56t position on the billboard charts.

09.  Lookin Ass (2014): Sung by artist Nicki Minaj, this music track was released in 2014. It is one of the latest Young Money Hip Hop songs.

10.  Moment (2014): Another worthy song from the album ‘Young Money: Rise of an Empire’. Listed among the most popular Young Money songs with its 57th ranking over the billboard charts.

Upcoming Albums and Songs of Young Money 2016

The above top 10 Young Money songs receive great response from music lovers which encourage them to bring more wonderful elements to their collection. This Young Money Entertainment team keeps on bringing some more exciting numbers to their list to please the music lovers.

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