Top 10 Christmas Songs of all time

When you plan to make the most of your festival, you ought to follow every little need to make it rock and happening. Like, Christmas is on its way to rejuvenate your life. So, are you ready to make this festival season rocking? Hope, you have collected all the music stuff that will energize your Christmas Eve. If you are still counting the days, then go for some wonderful songs without which the Christmas celebration is incomplete.

List of Top New Christmas Songs 2016 for Party

Let’s explore top 10 Christmas Music Hits:

01.  The 12 days of Christmas: its melody still hold the charm and can’t be ignored from the list of top 10 Christmas songs. English composer Frederic Austin composed this beautiful song that lets you enjoy some pleasurable time with your family and friends in the year 1780.

02.  Christmas Time Here: Lee Mendelson and Vince Guaraldi composed this beautiful number in the year 1965 with a purpose to make the celebration of Christmas more energetic. It’s one of the best songs in the list of Christmas songs.

Top Christmas Songs List 2016

03.  Wonderful Christmas Time: Sing the song with ‘ding dong, ding dong’ and enjoy the pomp and show of this Christmas festival. This song composed by Paul McCartney & Wings in the year 1979 and one of the beautiful versions of happiness.

04.  Santa Claus is Coming to Town: It’s one of the best Christmas songs since its release in the year 1975. It is introduced by renowned Bruce Springsteen. A very melodious song to cherish the fun in this festive season.

05.  Sock it to me Santa: When we count the Christmas songs list, we can’t ignore this wonderful number from the list. Bob Seger & Last heard present this song in 1966 with the purpose to make the festival something special.

Best Christmas Songs List 2015, 2016

06.  Thank God it’s Christmas: this single released in 1984 by Queen proves to be the best example of Christmas party songs. It turned the Christmas celebration into a big and dramatic one by making it more rocking.

07.  Little Drummer Boy: This song also gets popularity with the introduction of its new tune named ‘Peace on Earth’. Released in the 1982, it gained fame due to its beautiful lyrics and melodious voice of David Bowie & Bing Crosby. It is one of the beautiful Christmas music made to memorize the old Christmas celebrations.

08.  Christmas All Over Again: Great pop singer Tom Petty composed this wonderful song in the year 1992 just to keep us memorize that how quickly a year passes by. This song makes you think again what you did last year and what you ought to do in the coming time. One of the great Christmas songs ever.

09.  Christmas Time is Here Again: the very renowned Beatles treated their fans with the special gift on Christmas in the year 1967 with this wonderful song.

10.  2000 Miles: In 1984, the Pretenders brought light to this wonderful song specially made to celebrate the festivity of the season.

Christmas asks for forgetting the past and planning the future. It brings great joy which is incomplete without the above Christmas Songs.

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