Best Halloween Party Songs 2017 Top 10 List

Top 10 Halloween Songs of All Time

Halloween is a secular holiday on which people dressed up like horror characters and loves to play pranks on each other. After globalization, this festival has attained much importance all throughout the world. Because of this festival celebration, Halloween songs have achieved great popularity among the music lovers. People all around the globe love the Halloween songs and always look forward for some new and latest collection for their theme parties. Let’s find out top 10 Halloween songs for theme parties.

Top 10 Halloween Songs 2017

List Top 10 Best Halloween Songs of 2017

01.  Thriller: A wonderful creation done by Michael Jackson in 1982. Though, it got developed many years ago, still it holds the charm being one of the best Halloween songs. This song carries the awesome lyrics and creepy feel that makes it the leading Halloween song in the list.

02.  The Monster Mash: Created by Bobby Boris Pickett in 1962, this song holds the position of most loved song among others. It’s amazing melody and excellent music makes it the perfect choice for Halloween party goers. One of the top 10 Halloween songs.

03.  Nightmare on My Street: A perfect song for adding good humor to the party. Sung by DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, this is one of the best Halloween song and leads the third position in the list.

04.  Tubular Bells Pt.1: Feel the creepiness in a melodious way with this ultimate number by Mike Oldfield. This is one of the top 10 Halloween songs that are perfect for a wonderful gathering. An impressive song in complete sense.

05.  The Time Warp: An amazing song for perfect creation of Halloween environment in your party. The song beholds the horror hidden in its music and lyrics. No doubt, it’s one of the best Halloween song.

06.  Ghostbusters: With this song, you will understand the actual meaning of words like ‘horror’ and ‘scary’. Singer Ray Parker Jr. presents this wonderful song especially for the Halloween party goers. The fun and entertainment attached with this song makes it one of the top 10 Halloween songs.

07.  Season of the Witch: Follow the horror and the witchcraft feel while listening this song. With its amazing lyrics and outstanding sound track, it attains the super hit tag. A very good and one of the finest Halloween songs by Donovan.

08.  Pet Sematary: a well-known Halloween song that is made to create a special creepiness in the parties. It was developed in 1989 and since then it is entertaining the theme parties with its wonderful music and exclusive feel.

09.  Somebody’s Watching Me: Rockwell presented this song in 1984 unaware of the fact that this song will become an all-time hit of future. It is one of the best Halloween song that makes party goers love their gathering. This unmatched pop hit was loved by the people throughout the world.

10.  Psycho Killer: Fascinate your guests with this song that is one of the top Halloween songs. It will entertain your gathering at the party with its ultimate music and wonderful lyrics.

Aside from the above top 10 Halloween songs, there are some latest Halloween songs 2017 that have arrived so far and they are also good but the above ones are all time favorite of Halloween party lovers.

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