Best of Party Songs List 2016 for Dance, Top 10 Hits

Are you planning any party and searching for the best top 10 party songs? Song is a main ingredient of any party so make a list of songs that can make your party more memorable and enjoyable. Here we have listed some of the best party music that will surely rock your party. No matter the occasion, no matter the crowd, this list of top party songs will be ideal for your party. It’s a party time so enjoy every bit of party with these amazing songs. Your search is completed here, just hit this list dance songs and enjoy your party to the fullest.

Top Party Songs 2016 List

Top Party Songs List – Best Party Music 2016

01.  Cool for the summer of Demi Lovato: This is one of the biggest hits of the year 2015. This song of Demi will be a perfect choice for your party.

02.  Where Are U Now of Justin Bieber: This hottest party track will give great spark your party. So hit it.

03.  Can’t Feel My Face of The Weeknd: No doubt, this Can’t Feel My Face is a crowd pleaser song of the Canadian artist, The Weeknd. So include this song in the list of best party songs 2016.

04.Watch Me of the Silento: This breakthrough hit single of the hip hop artist Silento will surely invite everyone to the floor. So, have a blast at the floor.

05.  Trap Queen of Fetty Wap: This hit single of Fetty Wap received a huge appreciation and considered as one of greatest party songs of year.

Latest New Party Songs 2016 Top 10 Hits

06.  Talking Body of Tove Lo: This great beat song is an ideal song for the parties. Tove Lo, a rising talent gave an amazing dance song for parties.

07.  Want To Want Me of Jason Derulo: Want To Want Me is a big hit and that is perfect for the dance parties so don’t forget to count this in your list.

08.  Holding On of Gregory Portar: This song will really set the mood of party so play it and enjoy the late night party atmosphere.

09.  Pursuit of Happiness of Kid Cudi: The best song for parties. Whenever we think about party dance songs, our first preference would be dance songs, so set a good mood with this amazing song of Kid Cudi.

10.  Let’s Get Loud of Jennifer Lopez: All the songs of Jennifer Lopez are really superb and this fantastic song of Jennifer can also make anybody up and enjoy the party.

This party music and party songs list is really an all-purpose collection. A party can be said as successful, when the entire crowd can enjoy and avail the great mood of fun. This can be attained with the help of these most popular party songs. The main three element of any party music are touching, danceable and funny. Without music and songs, no party can be enjoyed so play the music and give a musical treat to your guests. To enjoy the great party music, check out this list of top 10 party songs of all the time.

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