Latin Salsa Songs: Salsa is a dance form originated from the Cuban-Son (circa 1920) and Afro Cuban dance specifically Afro Cuban Rumba dance. Salsa is described as ‘sauce’ in the Spanish language, and carries implications of the spiciness that is general in Latin and Caribbean cuisine. If you are completely crazy about dancing then it is a perfect place where you will get best list of salsa songs. Salsa music enable you to discover the essence of one of the most vivacious rhythms in the Latin music. In the earlier period, Salsa was an international dance style and involves partner for dancing, but now salsa is getting popularity worldwide. Salsa is considered as most stylish form of dancing. While dancing on salsa songs, you should be familiar with the basic step for salsa songs i.e. rock your hips and feet with every rhythm and beat.

Latin Salsa Songs 2016

Top 10 Latin Salsa Songs 2016 List

1.    No Me Hace Falta – Victor Manuelle
2.    Quimbara – Celia Cruz
3.    Sin Sentimientos – Grupo Niche
4.    Cali Pachanguero – Grupo Niche
5.    Vivir Mi Vida – Marc Anthony
6.    Se Te Mira – Grupo Fantasma
7.    Ella Lo Que Quiere Es Salsa – Victor Manuelle
8.    Ran Kan Kan – Tito Puente
9.    Hijo De Los Rumberos – La Excelencia
10.  La Vida Es Un Carnaval – Celia Cruz

Best Salsa Songs for Dance Beginners

11.    Mi Tierra – Gloria Estefan
12.    El Sol de la Noche – Salsa Celtica
13.    Me Libere – El Gran Combo
14.    Quimbara – Celia Cruz
15.    Te Regalare – NG2
16.    La Rebelion – Joe Arroyo
17.    Sin Salsa Nay Hay Paraiso – El Gran Combo
18.    El Preso – Fruko Y Sus Tesos
19.    El Dia de Mi Surte – Hector Lavoe
20.    Caridad – Gloria Estefan
21.    Lloraras – Oscar D’Leon
22.    Tu Amor Me Hace Bien – Marc Anthony
23.    La Pantera Mambo – Orquesta La 33
24.    Cuando Hablan Las Miradas – Alberto Barros
25.    I Love Salsa – n’klabe

This style is started in Latin America rapidly and its influence with rock, jazz and R&B helped to merge as a new style of music. If you are very passionate about dancing and you need the ideal song to match your steps in dance then you must check out this list of new salsa songs 2016. Salsa songs will be the best and elegant choice for dancing. The dancing on salsa songs is very graceful and very pleasant to watch. So enjoy dancing with spectacular latest salsa songs 2016.

Best Cha-Cha Songs for Ballroom Dancing

  • Chilly Cha Cha – Jessica Jay
  • Que Lio – Marc Anthony
  • Bendita Tu Luz – Mana
  • No Llores – Gloria Estefan
  • Oye Como Va – Celia Cruz
  • Smooth feat. Rob Thomas – Santana
  • Dimelo – Marc Anthony
  • Sway – The Pussycat Dolls
  • Rie Y Llora – Celia Cruz
  • El Diablo Anda Suelto – Rey Ruiz

Top 10 Romantic Bachata Songs

  • Corazon Sin Cara – Prince Royce
  • Burbujas De Amor – Juan Luis Guerra
  • Eres Mia – Romeo Santos
  • Cuanto Duele – Carlos Y Alejandra
  • Nina De Mi Corazon – Karlos Rose
  • Dile El Amor – Aventura
  • Odio – Romeo Santos ft. Drake
  • Mi Ultima Carta – Prince Royce
  • Solo Por Un Beso – Aventura
  • Su Lado de Cama – Joan Soriano
  • Darte Un Beso – Prince Royce
  • Promise – Romeo Santos & Usher
  • Mi Santa – Romeo Santos
  • Te Extrano – Xtreme
  • Nada – Prince Royce
  • Las Cosas Pequenas – Prince Royce

Salsa was a perfect blend of Afro-Cuban and European culture and won millions of hearts all over the world. If you are crazy about salsa songs then you can do much more experiments with best salsa songs list. Set your list as per your choices. If you are dancing with salsa then music must be fantastic. So come and get greatest hits of salsa songs with mind-blowing music, You can select any salsa move and swing it with every step of your feet.

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