Nature songs are very interesting type of song. These types of song show the beauty of nature like flowers, rivers, mountains, birds etc. Many tourist places are famous for their beauty of nature. Bollywood made lot’s of nature based songs. And they are very popular also. Nature songs are so melodious that I regard those songs as one that acts as a massage for your mind. “Mental massage” song, and a “chayageet” song ? Yes, to me, these types of songs give the message, don’t cut the trees and stop hunting the Tigers”. It was the early 60s, and I had not seen ten summers yet. In those days The Calcutta was quite green, the Lakes, the Maidan my favorite perch. The language classes were something to look forward to, be it English, Bengali or Hindi at school.

Nature Songs List

Top 10 Nature Songs Inspired by Weather

1.    Mother Nature Goes Heaven!
2.    The Eagle Nature
3.    The Day We Saved the World
4.    Beautiful Mother Nature
5.    Look After Nature
6.    Children of the Sea
7.    If I Could Divide the Smell of Flowers
8.    Nature’s Way
9.    Nature Of The Beast
10.  No More Walks In The Woods

Top 20 Nature Songs List – Best Nature Music

11.    Killers Nature
12.    It’s Nature’s Way (No Problem)
13.    River Deep, Mountain High
14.    When You Made The Mountain
15.    Mounted Animal Nature Trail
16.    Joy To The World
17.    Here Comes the Flood
18.    Every Planet We Reach Is Dead
19.    The Soil Bleeds Black
20.    In The Eyes Of Nature
21.    Water Song
22.    Why Does It Always Rain On Me?
23.    Signs Of Satan
24.    Come on Nature
25.    The Landscape Is Changing
26.    Life Becoming A Landslide
27.    Human Nature
28.    Down by the River
29.    Two Against Nature
30.    Nothing But Flowers

People spent long hours in the cage of nature. In Bengal there was a lot of nature songs. “Shrobondiner Keya” and “Phagun diner Bakul Champa” – there was a lot of meaning in the sounds of similar words, though I knew not what those flowers were. The word “Mitti” would get me the smell of earth, fresh and dewy after intermittent rain, at other times. “Hills”,”Aakash”, “Hawaii”,”cloud” and so many other sweet words would show the importance of my world.

Top 50 Nature Songs – Sounds of Nature

31.    Industrial Sickness
32.    Global Warming
33.    Mother Nature’s Son
34.    Moon River
35.    The Valley of Malls
36.    Waiting on the World to Change
37.    Cry in the Forest
38.    Second Nature
39.    Freak Of Nature
40.    Hung Up and Hanging Out to Dry
41.    Lightning In The Sky
42.    Natural Enemies
43.    Don’t Go Near the Water
44.    Natures Revenge
45.    It’s My Nature
46.    The Land, The Sea, and The Sky
47.    Fresh Air
48.    Forests And Factories
49.    Rip Rip Wood Chip
50.    And It Rained All Night

People felt frenetic listening to those beautiful compositions on the theme of nature. These wonderful songs have kept alive the wave of the heart. These songs have brilliant the next fifty years of listeners. Now the days, when we listen to those nature songs one more time, I discover some new thoughts, people move into nature, they like parks, Zoo etc. Everybody wants to go hill station for their vacation. That’s why now the days nature songs are the first choice of everybody.

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