Smooth Jazz Songs 2016 Top 10 List – Best Jazz Music Artists

Jazz Songs is a genre of music which is originated in the beginning of 20th century in the African-American communities of the Southern States. Jazz songs were the combination of traditional African and American music artists. In the earlier period, jazz has also incorporated elements from popular music especially American Popular music. Jazz songs reached the heights of popularity in the 70s. Jazz songs are especially for Congo dance which is started in late 1970s. As we know, we all are emotionally attached with music; jazz songs draw a line which creates a difference between life and human emotions. Today Jazz is getting popularity globally and people like to hear these songs at their parties or at any other event. People accept every new form of music with open arms and like to hear something innovative or creative.

Top 10 Jazz Songs 2016

Top 10 Smooth Jazz Songs List – New Jazz Music 2016

  1. Big Shot by 3rd Force
  2. Still Euge by Euge Groove
  3. Mirage by Steve Cole
  4. True Stories by The Rippingtons
  5. Fool Me Once by Lindsey Webster
  6. Ready Steady Flow by Chris Standring
  7. Global Force by 3d Force
  8. Cup Of Joe by Marcus Anderson ft. Matt Marshak
  9. A Little Attitude by Boney James
  10. Rhythm and Romance by Kim Waters

Jazz songs are the innovative creation in the music field, composed with the assistance of several instruments such as guitar, piano, harmonica, violin, and flute and many other instruments. If you are crazy about dancing and like to know other forms of dancing as well, then you can go with jazz dance style. Dancing to jazz songs increases flexibility. Jazz is a musical art form, it can also be known for its mixture of simple and complex rhythms and beats. Jazz music is mostly celebrated for its improvisational quality.

Best Jazz Songs 2016 Top New List

  • Brothers From Another Mother by Paul Jackson, Jr.
  • Overdrive by The JT Project
  • American Beauty by Andy Snitzer
  • Coast To Coast by Vincent Ingala
  • You’re Mine by Julian Vaughn
  • Future Soul by Boney James
  • She Loves Me by Andy Snitzer
  • Fingers On Fire by Jonathan Fritzen
  • My Journey by Natalie Cadet
  • Breakout by 3rd Force
  • And Coffee by Marcus Anderson
  • Second Nature by Michael Lington
  • Lost And Found by Cindy Bradley
  • Silverado by Fourplay
  • You, Me and Forever by Najee
  • Open Up by Lindsey Webster
  • Turn it Up by Steve Cole
  • Wind Dance by Reza Khan
  • Wild Tales by The Rippingtons ft. Russ Freeman
  • D-Luxe by Darren Rahn
  • Can You Hear Me by Patrick Bradley
  • The Kickback by Nicholas Cole
  • Limitless by Julian Vaughn
  • Journey to the Heart by Keiko Matsui
  • Anniversario by Fourplay
  • Just The Beginning Kalimba by Adam Hawley
  • Black Pearls by Will Downing
  • In Deep by Vincent Ingala
  • Never Say Never by Lebron
  • Psycho Bass by Byron Miller
  • Bring It by Kim Waters
  • The Journey by Nick Colionne
  • Pictures & Frames by Steve Oliver
  • 35th Street by Adam Hawley ft. Eric Darius

If you are looking for different dance songs then you can choose jazz songs. Here is the best collection of jazz songs you can pick any song or make a list of jazz songs as per your preferences. Jazz music holds their significance in the variety of other music genre. You can enjoy cool melodies of jazz songs. Let’s start to make your list and enjoy dancing with your friends and make a fire with the best jazz songs 2016, so get set go buddy!

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