Top 10 Best Reggae Songs List – New Reggae Music 2016

Reggae songs is described as a very strong back beat music, originated from Jamaica in the 1960s. These songs are called as a ragged form of dance music that is very similar to the Ska music but played little bit slowly in comparison to Ska. The roots of Reggae music can be found in the African music as well as American Rhythm and Blues. Reggae songs has some health benefits as well, when you play these songs you will feel greater relaxation in your mind and you will remember your happy moments of life. Reggae songs are the strong back beat songs but cover both fast and slow paced songs so you can play your favorite list of top Reggae songs as per your likings.

Top Reggae Songs 2016

Top 10 Reggae Songs of All Time

1.    No Woman, No Cry by Bob Marley and The Wailers
2.    Tomorrow People by Ziggy Marley
3.    Don’t Worry Be Happy by Bobby McFerrin
4.    Untold Stories by Buju Banton
5.    The Harder They Come by Jimmy Cliff
6.    Baby, I Love Your Way by Big Mountain
7.    A Love I Can Feel by John Holt
8.    Concrete Jungle by Bob Marley
9.    My Boy Lollipop by Millie Small
10.  Temperature by Sean Paul

Best Old School Reggae Songs List

11.    Someone Loves You by JC Lodge
12.    Police And Thieves by Junior Murvin
13.    Mama Africa by Peter Tosh
14.    Night Nurse by Gregory Isaacs
15.    It Wasn’t Me by Shaggy
16.    Sweet Sensation by The Melodians
17.    This Is Reggae Music by Zap Pow
18.    People Are You Ready by Johnny Osbourne
19.    Here I Come by Dennis Brown
20.    Rivers Of Babylon by The Melodians

Popular reggae songs includes dub and influenced by the heavy studio mixing as well as remixing and dancehall that is called as a Jamaican form of rap over the reggae rhythms. Reggae love songs is based on the upbeat grooves of Ska and the spooky sounds of dub to the insistent beats of dancehall. In other words, reggae music is typically based on the one-drop rhythm. Upbeat of Reggae music improves your concentration power and your mind works more effectively while hearing these fast beats of Reggae and the slow beats of new reggae songs 2016 makes your mind calmer.

Most Popular Reggae Music

21.    Electric Avenue by Eddy Grant
22.    Dance of the Vampires by Scientist
23.    Cherry My Baby by Eric Donaldson
24.    Armagideon Time by Willie Williams
25.    Safe and Sound by Rebelution
26.    Ball Room Floor by Bunny Wailer
27.    Stir It Up by Bob Marley
28.    One Love, One Heart by Righteous Flames
29.    Beautiful Girls by Sean Kingston
30.    Do The Reggay by Toots and The Maytals

Top Reggae Love Songs – Reggae Music 2016

31.    Drinking for 11 by Mad Caddies
32.    Things You Say You Love by The Jamaicans
33.    Never Be The Same by Sean Paul
34.    The Tide Is High by The Paragons
35.    Johnny B Goode by Peter Tosh
36.    All The Way In by Cynthia Schloss
37.    96 Degrees in the Shade by Third World
38.    Ba Ba Boom by The Jamaicans
39.    I Can See Clearly Now by Johnny Nash
40.    Fatty Fatty by Clancy Eccles
41.    Revolution by Dennis Brown
42.    I Can See Clearly Now by Johnny Nash
43.    Uptown Top Ranking by Althea And Donna

As Reggae music covers both fast and slow paced songs, then you can choose any of them as per your mood and play your favorite list of best Reggae songs. Reggae music can be played an important role in providing peaceful state of mind and at the same time reduces the level of depression. Now this Jamaican music is famous worldwide and got place in the musical vocabulary of the world. Today, this small island reggae songs music is a well accepted genre of music.

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