Top 10 Funny Happy Birthday Songs 2016 List

Happy Birthday to you song is one of the world’s most recognisable top birthday songs. It was sung innumerable times in voice mail messages, in offices, and at parties for a lucky recipient who is celebrating the anniversary of his/her birth. However, the song that dates back to 1893 is played out and boring. The song is now not worth getting sued for, and it is about time to switch up new tune. We are given numerous birthday related melodies by pop culture. Everything from serenades to club anthems can provide a birthday track for any event. Here is a famous and good birthday songs 2016 list.

Top 10 Happy Birthday Songs 2016 List

Happy Birthday: Stevie Wonder (1980) – This rendition of the classic was created by music legend Stevie Wonder to pay tribute to Martin Luther King, on the first MLK Day, Jr. Day. It praises love and unity along with the birthday recipient and is an alternative to the usual. This is a fun tune, which would be a successor to the classic happy birthday songs.

Top Birthday Songs 2016

Birthday: The Beatles (1968) – The soundtrack Birthday marked a return to traditional rock and roll for the rock band The Beatles. It first featured as a track on the album The Beatles, widely known as The White Album. This soundtrack is played by many radio stations when listing birthdays of their listeners or celebrating popular people’s birthdays.

Happy Birthday: Altered Images (1981) – Altered Images were one of the most talented new wave acts in the early 1980s in the UK. Happy Birthday was produced by Martin Rushent, who is popularly known for his work with the Human League. This song became the band’s biggest hit, placed at No.2 on the UK pop single chart. It is one of the funny birthday songs.

It’s Your Birthday: R.Kelly (2004) – R.Kelly knows the best way to celebrate a birthday. In this soundtrack, he describes VIP treatment and night of dancing. The feel-good melody from the R&B artist does a smooth recreation of Luke’s birthday shout outs at the end.

Most Popular Birthday Songs List

It’s Your Birthday: Luke (1994) – If you want everybody to know it is your birthday, shout this out. Luke from hip-hop band 2 Live Crew, created a club anthem by calling out zodiac signs and birthdays. You may have shouted out this when dance circles have spontaneously formed at parties, but, when it is your birthday, it is more enjoyable. These are all the best Birthday songs.

16 Candles: The Crests (1973) – This classic is popularly known as the title song of 16 Candles (1984), directed by John Hughes. This is the ultimate slow dance track for birthday recipient, who is celebrating their 16th birthday.

Birthday Song: 2 Chainz feat. Kanye West (2012) – Tauheed Epps, widely known by his stage name 2 Chainz, may have crossed the line of decency, when he sang All I want on my birthday is a big-booty hoe, but he was honest enough. Joined by Kanye West, his G.O.O.D music boss, the song is a tribute to rear ends and is a party anthem. Whether or not your wish is same as 2 Chainz, anybody can share this in his excitement.

Besides the listed above, there are many other birthday tunes like Katy Perry’s ‘Birthday’, Beyonce’s ‘Grown Woman’, 50 Cent’s ‘In Da Club’, and others. You can download these happy birthday songs.

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