Most Popular Funny Songs 2016 Top 10 List – Best Funniest Songs Ever

Top 10 Funny Songs of 2016 – Popular Viral Songs

Fun is always needed to wipe out the sadness embedded in life. To get some fun features in boring life, funny songs stand as the best option. The comedy songs are enough to make you laugh and forget the worries of life for some instance. The lyrics of the songs are made so funny that can make anybody laugh. Most listeners love these songs and want them to hear again and again. There are many songs that are famous because of their funny lyrics, but some of them are too good to attain top ten funny songs all over the world. Let’s know about some of them.

Best Funny Songs 2016

Top 10 Funniest Songs  – Best Funny Songs List

01.  The Bad Touch: Created by Bloodhound Gang years before, this song still stands on the top on the list of top 10 Funny songs. The song is so beautiful and funny that it still owns the glory for being the number one. It is known for possessing some special musical notes that made it hilarious.

02.  The Lonely Island: Justin Timberlake sung this song. The song revolves around two persons who are having common girlfriend. The song is about the nuisance played by these two men while pleasing their girlfriend on Christmas. One of the best Funny songs full of comedy lyrics.

03.  Stacys Mom: One of the best funny comedy songs that depicts the tale of a young age boy who tries to get close to his friend’s hot mother. A very hilarious number quite popular because of its comedy lyrics.

04.  U r so Gay: One of the top funny songs that casts the story of a lady who feels sick of her ex-boyfriend, who is a gay. This song also received much criticism because of the words used in it. Still, it stands on the fourth number on the list.

05.  Hot Dog: A typical comedy song known for its direct attacking words towards the fake business deals and ideas. Though the song didn’t got released with an official video but still it stands among the best funny songs.

06.  Baby Got Back: One of the top 10 funny songs that has gained popularity for being one of the best comedy song that has attracted listeners to the dance floor. It’s one of the great hip-hop genre songs that are loved by all.

07.  Because I Got High: A Rejoicing one that gained popularity all over the world and attained a special place in the list of top 10 funny songs. This song is about a kid who got abused with marijuana.

08.  Pretty Fly: A very hilarious number that owns the quality to make anyone laugh and merry. A commendable work on the lyrics and video of the song.

09.  I’m on a Boat: A Super-hit song ranked in the top 10 list of best funny songs. It revolves around the foolish activities done by a person on a boat. It was loved by people of all age groups.

10.  Fat: It was a Michael Jackson song that is being revamped into a parody by Weird. Again a funniest song which is not a miss from the list.

Unlike the above top 10 funny songs, many other songs are also famous. These Funny songs are necessary in our daily life to rejuvenate ourselves from the boredom of life.

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