When we go for a long drive what we tend to love the most are the songs, driving songs are the ones which make us happy and refreshes our mood while having a tedious drive. The ultimate driving songs are the ones which simple relaxes our mind and soul when we get back home from work and also these are the greatest driving songs when we get stuck in the traffic and our mood get spoilt. The list below consists of the top gear driving songs.

Top 10 Driving Songs

Top 10 Driving Songs 2016 List

01.  Grooving by The Young Rascals (1967) is a song which highlights the love and attachment a guy has with his car and the singer of this song believes that a car is a status of symbol of an individual depicting his wealth, prosperity and choice as well.

02.  One Perfect Day by The Little Heroes (1982) so that we can go ahead and fulfill all our dreams into reality. Through this song the singer has tried to personify that an individual should keep moving ahead in his life in order to make his dreams come true.

03.  Wouldn’t It Be Nice by The Beach Boys (1966) signifies the essence of work and personal life in one single glance. Here the singer tries to say that a person should do one thing at a time failing which he will face problems and difficulties in their lives.

04.  Nowhere Without You by Bob Evans (2006) is a song whose initial meaning is to have a sexual relationship with any of the opposite sex female.

05.  Out of Mind, Out of Sight by Australian New Wave rock band Models (1985) is a song through which a guy tries to impress a girl by letting him drive his car so that he gets additional time to spend with the lady of his dreams. Again emphasizing on the feeling of love driving songs is lovely to hear especially when we are driving with our loved ones.

Gear Driving Songs – Best Road Trip Songs

06.  Teenage Dreams by Katy Perry (1998) is a kind of apologetic song which makes the listener admits to the wrongs done by him so that by admitting to his faults and mistakes he may make a fresh start and achieve success in life.

07.  Wouldn’t It Be Nice by The Beach Boys (1966) is a song which has varied level of tempo and beats loved by one and all especially when one is washing his car after a long weary working week.

08.  We Don’t Need Another Hero by Tina Turner (1988) is a thing of passion for someone and this is also a way in which the heart of person gets attached to his car. It’s not always necessary to fall in love with any human being. One can fall in love with any precious thing.

09.  The Passenger by Iggy pop (1977) one simply loves to be together with their precious thing or the person whom they love the most.

10.  Like A Rolling Stone by Bob Dylan (1965) is the car of dreams of many people and they love travelling in it since it embarks upon their high status and position in the society.

Driving Songs are the songs which help in fascinating and refreshing our mind while driving.

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