Top 10 Hindi-English Mashup Songs 2017 List – Bollywood Zero Hour Mash Up

Mashup Songs – Music time is a fun time. There are so many good music’s available, sometimes it’s hard to decide which kind of music is worthy to hear. But thanks to mashup songs they try to give flavor of every kind of music in one plate. Well, maybe you will not get every sort of music but definitely mashup songs makes it possible to give at least 2-3 varieties at the same time. Mash up songs is a great form of music. The music of mashup songs is more jovial and romantic as well. Songs are really a mirror to soul and mash up songs has this essence. Mashup songs is a kind of song or composition of song where two or more pre-recorded songs are blended by overlaying the vocal track of one song flawlessly over the instrumental track of another.

Top Mashup Songs 2017

This can be done up to the certain limit and without transforming the original essence of songs, they may find protection from copy-right claims. Firstly the term mash up originated with the music industry.

Bollywood Hindi Mashup Songs 2016 List

  • Kapoor and Sons Mashup by DJ Chetas
  • Aadat Mashup by DJ Angel
  • Sau Aasmaan Mashup by DJ Ram Mumbai
  • Love Destination Mashup by DJ Dip SR
  • Budhu Sa Mann by O2SRK Mashup
  • The Party Mashup 2016 by DJ Avi & Akd
  • Valentine Mashup 2016 by DJ Montz
  • Jabra FAN Song Mashup
  • Salman Khan Mashup by DJ Devil Dubai
  • The Breakup Mashup 2016 by DJ Shine India
  • Zero Hour Mashup – DJ Kiran Kamath
  • Arijit Singh Mashup 2016 by DJ Gaurav GRS
  • Bollywood Dance Mashup 2016 by DJ Alvee
  • Sanam Re Mashup 2016 by DJ AKR Amit
  • Sunny Leone Mashup by Deejay Rax Remix
  • Holi Mashup 2016 by DJ Baba
  • The Unforgettable Love Mashup by DJ Saurabh N DJ Pops
  • Teraa Surroor Mashup by DJ Kiran Kamath
  • Ole Ole Mashup by DJ Hassan
  • Romantic Mashup 2 by DJ Chetas
  • Love Mashup 2016 by DJ Kiran Kamath
  • The Valentines Mashup 2016 by Dj Avi
  • The Chillout Mashup by DJ Dip SR
  • Breakup Mashup by DJ Avin N DJ Saga
  • Broken Heart Mashup by DJ Chhaya
  • Love Mashup by DJ Chhaya

Latest New Mashup Songs 2017 List

This term was first coined by Seth Grahame Smith’s 2009 novel i.e. ‘Pride and Prejudice and Zombies’. Mashup songs can also be known as Bootlegs, Mashed hits, Mash-up, Smashups, Bastard pop, Blends and many more name.

Top 10 English Mashup Songs of 2017

  • Scream Aim Dance by DJ Schmolli
  • Cheeky Armada by Illicit
  • Crystal Maiden by Wax Audio
  • Bruised Water by Chicane
  • Intergalactic Numbpad by Jason Shields
  • At Your Funeral for a Friend by The Legion of Doom
  • Seek Bromance by Tim Berg
  • Come Closer Together by DJ Zebra
  • Music Inferno by Stuart Price
  • Do You Know (I Go Crazy) by Angel City
  • Deck the Rooftop by Glee
  • Stars Troll by Kaskade
  • Psychosocial Baby by Isosine
  • Fireman Flies by The MashMaticians
  • Say Swampthing by Atchoo
  • Too Many Orange Wedge Rappers by Squer
  • We Are Mirage by Eric Prydz
  • Begin to Spin Me Round by Skele-Gamer
  • Horny as a Dandy by Loo & Placido
  • Story of The Monster by Electronical
  • Crocodile Chop by Neil Cicierega
  • Mad World Forever by DJ BC
  • Being Nobody by Richard X
  • Don’t Wanna Lose This Groove by Neïmo
  • Scumbody Told Me by Arctic Monkeys
  • Sweet Zelda Lala by G3RSt
  • Enjoy the Sheket by Bonna Music
  • Boulevard of Broken Songs by Party Ben

Many elements of mash up culture have antecedents in hip hop and the DIY ethic of punk as well as overlap with the free culture movement. So here comes the list of best mashup songs for those who are looking to have fun with remix form of mashup music. Mashup songs is a new genre of music and getting high attention from the youngsters. They prefer to play mash up songs in their parties. So rock your party with the latest hits of mashup songs.

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