Top 20 Best Japanese Songs List – Traditional Japan Folk Music 2016

Japanese songs include a wide range of performance in different styles both traditional and as well as modern. Ongaku is a form of the Japanese songs which is combined the kanji with the kanji which means word combines with music and forms a song. Modern Japanese Songs is mainly on Japanese pop songs which hask its roots in 1960s pop and rock tune, like The Beatles, that led to piece of music of bands such as Famous Happy End fusing rock with Japanese Music. Additionally religious and festival Songs are few of the specialty and every region in Japan has their own folk songs – minyo – which mainly depend on their daily activities of the traditional community, like rice-planting songs, sake-making songs, boatman’s songs, grass-cutting songs and also with a variety of Japanese Songs sung at parties or night parties.

Top 10 Japanese Songs 2017

Top 10 Japanese Songs List

1.  Wagamama – Kavka Shishido
2.  Please Stay with Me – YUI
3.  Tanabata Matsuri – Tegomass
4.  RC Succession – Rhapsody
5.  Wanna Wanna Go! – Dream
6.  Nantoka Narusa – News
7.  The Blue Hearts – The Blue Hearts
8.  Welcome To The City – Yohio
9.  First Love – Utada Hikaru
10. Ecstasy – Kumi Koda

List of Top 20 Japanese Songs

11. Eikichi Yazawa – Goldrush
12. Fuyu Monogatari – Sandaime J Soul Brothers
13. Your Best Friend – Mai Kuraki
14. Renai Circulation – Kana Hanazawa
15. Yellow Magic Orchestra – Solid State Survivor
16. Tokai No Hitorigurashi – C-Ute
17. Love So Sweet – Arashi
18. Seishun Bus Guide – Berryz Kobo
19. Bow Wow – Warning From Stardust
20. Shoukichi Kina – The Music Power From Okinawa

Among folk music styles, Okinawan music is experiencing a strong revival. Enka, Japan’s taken from American Country and Western music, commonly used or sung at karaoke bars which originated by old Japanese songs. All such songs are played for celebration and for enjoyment purposes.

Top 30 Best Japanese Songs List

21. Ai No Uta – Koda Kumi
22. Way to Heaven – Aya Ueto
23. Ima Dake Wo Kimi Dake Wo – Yumi Matsutoya
24. Be With You – Arashi
25. Motoharu Sano – Someday
26. Crucify My Love – X Japan
27. Dum Ditty Dumb – Crystal Kay
28. Itoshiki Hibi Yo – Ken Hirai
29. Sunao – Noriyuki Makihara
30. Koi Suru Wakusei – Kana Hanazawa
31. Sadistic Mika Band – Black Ship
32. Forever Love – X Japan
33. Love Story – Amuro Namie
34. Suki Na Toko – Juliet
35. Filth In the Beauty – The Gazette

New Japan Music 2016 Hits – Latest Japanese Songs

  • Boku Ha Inai – NMB48
  • Have A Nice Day – Kana Nishino
  • Samenai – Spitz
  • Hero – Namie Amuro
  • Soup – Sakura Fujiwara
  • Tomoni – WANIMA
  • Summer Time! – Apink
  • Let It Fly – Leola
  • Deathtopia – GLAY
  • Tsubasa – Eir Aoi
  • Kamiiroawase – Binaria
  • Sagigrapher – Kyuso Nekokami

The Japanese songs can be grouped in many ways but it is convenient to think of only four main categories such as work songs, religious songs, songs which are used for people gatherings like weddings parties, funerals and festivals especially Obon and children’s songs. Though traditional Japanese Songs reflects the culture of the country, the rock and peppy songs are used for cherish the moments.

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