If you start listening to Malayalam songs you are sure to fall in love with them within seconds. They are so catchy and their music is so nice that you can just go on listening to the songs. In the Malayalam language too there are different kinds of songs. There are religious songs, marriage songs, folk songs, party songs etc. in this language and each is different and unique in its own way. While listening to Malayalam songs one can clearly learn about the culture of the malayalees. Also as Malayalam songs basically come from Kerala, the songs also describe about the scenic beauty of the state. The Malayalam folk songs are amazing renditions and people will love listening to those especially when they are not in mood and want to recharge their energy. The religious songs are basically on gods. Apart from that, Malayalam Christian people have different latest Malayalam songs which are again very soothing and melodious.

Best Malayalam Songs 2017

Top 10 Greatest Malayalam Songs 2016 List

01.  Chakravarthini Ninakku Njan Ente – Chemparathy
02.  Ponveene – Thalavattam
03.  Pathiramazhayetho – Ulladakkam
04.  Allimalar Kavil Pooram Kanan from Midhunam
05.  Aaro Viral Meeti – Pranayavarnangal
06.  Pudamuri Kalyanam from Chilambu
07.  Sreelathikakal – Sugamo Devi
08.  Kalabham Tharam from Vadakkum Nadhan
09.  Kanneerpoovinte – Kireedam
10.  Ponnil Kulichu Ninnu from Sallapam

Top 20 Popular Malayalam Songs

11.  Manjal Prasadavum – Nakashadangal
12.  Kathodu Kathoram from Kathodu Kathoram
13.  Aareyum Bhava from Nakashadangal
14.  Sagarame Shanthamaakume… – Madanolsavam
15.  Kannadi Kayyil – Paavam Paavam Rajakumaran
16.  Sharapoli Maala Charthi from Aril 18
17.  Chandra Kalabham from Kottaram Vilkkanundu
18.  Pramadavanam – His Highness Abdullah
19.  Janaki Jaane Rama – Dhwani
20.  Velikku Velupan Kaalam from Kaliyattam

The Malayalam movies songs have always been popular in the chartbusters and are widely heard all over. The Malayalam movies songs are hit numbers and keep audience glued to their music system and iPod’s everytime. To listen to Malayalam songs you necessarily need not be a Malayali as to listen to music you need not understand the language. One can today easily find a list of their best Malayalam songs hits with the help of the internet.

Top 30 Best Malayalam Songs List

21.  Kanneer Poovinte from Kireedam
22.  Sangeethame Amara Salapame – Sargam
23.  Engu Ninnu from Calcutta News
24.  Swararaga Ganga Pravahame from Sargam
25.  Cheerappovukalkkumma Kodukkana from Dhanam
26.  Kallayi Kadavathe… – Perumazhakklam
27.  Kaikudanna Niraye – Mayamayuram
28.  Shararanthal Ponnum – Thudarkadha
29.  Poo Veno Poo from Deshadanakili Karayarilla
30.  Indraneelimayolum – Vaishali

Top 40 Famous Malayalam Movies Songs List

31.  Oru Raathri Koodi – Summer In Bathlahem
32.  Padam Pootha Kalam – Chitram
33.  Moovanthi Thazhvarayil – Kanmadham
34.  Kalarivilakku – Oru Vadakkan Veeragadha
35.  Aadi Vaa Katte from Koodevide
36.  Anuragalola Rathri from Dhwani
37.  Paathi Nee – Paavam Paavam Rajakumaran
38.  Orikkal Nee Chirichal – Appu
39.  Gagana Neelima – Kalivaku
40.  Dhwani Tharanga Tharalam from Joker

The World Wide Web is a storage bank of information. With the help of the many search engines on the internet you can easily find a site that will provide you a list of your favorite Malayalam songs. Earlier there was nothing called the internet so people used to listen to songs through radio. But, as technology advanced we got computers and with that the internet. So enjoy listening to your favorite Malayalam songs only with the help of the many song websites.

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