The new Brazilian Songs 2016 list do encompasses of different regional music patterns which are influenced via European, African and AmerIndian forms. After a long duration which comes to around 500 years of history, the music of Brazil has developed quite unique and different style of patterns which is like bossa nova, Samba, Pagode, choro and many more. When we talk about samba it comes to limelight that it has been well known across globe and has become quite famous Brazilian Songs over the years. It has become famous due to the Country’s carnival which takes place every year at the set time and during that samba is played at highest level. One of the well known composers of Brazilian Songs is Antonio Carlos Jobim who has been acclaimed of lots of attention due to his actions and songs which soothes the feelings of individuals.

Best Brazilian Songs 2017

Even some kind of instrumental music is also quite familiar over there and people do love having it played on different occasions of celebrations. Their style for it deals with lots of classical, jazz and some kind of popular influential format.

Top 10 Brazilian Songs 2016 List

1.    Aquarela Do Brasil – Ary Barroso
2.    Infiel – Marilia Mendonca
3.    Quando a Chuva passar – Ivete Sangalo
4.    Caminhos das Aguas – Maria Rita
5.    Sogrão Caprichou – Luan Santana
6.    Brasileirinho – Waldir Azevedo
7.    Medo Bobo – Maiara and Maraisa
8.    E O Amor – Zezé Di Camargo & Luciano
9.    When the Rain Stops – Ivete Sangalo
10.   Story of My Life – One Direction

Famous Brazilian Songs List – New Brazil Songs 2017

11.    Coracao Machudado – Wesley Safadao
12.    Avioes do Forro – New boyfriend
13.    Esse Cara sou Eu – Roberto Carlos
14.    Work Bitch – Britney Spears
15.    Drinking Water –  Tom Jobim
16.    Sim Ou Nao – Anitta and Maluma
17.    Desafinado – Joao Gilberto
18.    Quero voltar Pra Bahia – Paulo Diniz
19.    Bem Que Se Quis – Marisa Monte
20.    Pronto, Falei – Eduardo Costa

They have featured some unique composers like Hermeto Pascoal, Pixinguinha and Heitor Villa-Lobos. The country of Brazil is growing at rapid rate and enhancing itself with modern equipments which does includes electro acoustic music. The best Brazilian songs have witnessed different kinds of style and patterns of type of music. It started with the 18th Century School in which the music was having an intense power across the area and did have a moderately suitable and static institutions and some kind of educational organizations or constitutions. During this period Rio de Janerio along with Capela Real were highlighted with their Brazilian Songs.

Latest Brazilian Songs 2016 List

21.    Burn it Blue – Caetano Veloso
22.    Elis Regina & Tom Jobim – Aguas De Marco
23.    Very Late in the Night –  Revelação
24.    Gostava Tanto De Você – Tim Maia
25.    Nao Fui Eu – Paula Fernandes
26.    Amor de Chocolate – Naldo
27.    Nobre Vagabundo – Daniela Mercury
28.    Chiclete com Banana – Hundred Percent You
29.    Fala Baixinho  – Grupo Revelaçao
30.    Louca De Saudade – Jorge and Mateus

Popular Brazilian Songs – Top 40 Brazil 2016 Hits

31.    Luan Santana – Tudo Que Voce Quiser
32.    Tic, Tic, Tac –  Carrapicho
33.    Veneno – Fernando e Sorocaba
34.    Roda Viva – Chico Buarque
35.    Cantada – Luan Santana
36.    Bom – Ludmilla
37.    Dependente – Sorriso Maroto
38.    Hello and Goodbye –  Maria Rita
39.    The Monster – Eminem and Rihanna
40.    Aguas De Marco – Elis Regina & Tom Jobim
41.    Maus Bocados – Cristiano Araujo
42.    Tom Jobim & Vinícius – Girl from Ipanema
43.    Quando a Chuva passar – Ivete Sangalo
44.    Voce Me Vira A Cabeca – Bruno and Marrone
45.    Mas Que Nada – Jorge Ben

Second duration was Classical period, the romantic period, Nationalism, The avant-Grade movement, Contemporary and many more. Some of the contemporary top Brazilian songs which should be listened are as mentioned below- Charlie Brown Jr. Named Meu Novo Mundo, Roberto Carlos – Esse Cara Sou Eu, Naldo – Amor de chocolate and many more. In 1980’s there was a wave which swiped the Brazilian Songs bands with great enthusiasm and was listened to and appreciated quite well across the globe. The most successful and commercially renowned music was of Sepultra which was founded in Sao Paulo in the year 1983, which was preceded through Dorsal Atlantica and which was followed by Sarcofago.

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