Top 10 Happy New Year Songs List 2016 for New Year Eve Dance Party

Happy New Year Songs for Eve Dance Party

New Year is coming very soon, so what are you waiting for? Welcome 2016 with the grand New Year party and enjoy the top 10 New Year songs. It’s the time when we enjoy and make a plan with our friends and family. This is a time to say sweet goodbye to the going year and welcome the coming year. Songs are one of the most important elements of any party so hit the best track New Year songs, your party will rock for sure.

Partying will be an ideal way to celebrate any occasion so what you are waiting for, just go and search for the latest songs for New Year party and you will get the list of songs that will make your party even more enjoyable for you and for your guests as well. So what are you planning to this New Year eve?? Let’s hit the track of great party songs for New Year celebration. Here we have compiled some of the happy New Year songs:

Top New Year Songs 2016 List

Top 10 New Year Songs 2016 List

01.  New Year’s Day by U2: This is a great song to listen to on this New Year, taken from one of the most famous brands U2.

02.  Seasons of Love from Rent: You will surely get lost in the beautiful melody of this song as the amazing lyrics and perfect harmonies will touch your heart. Make your New Year eve more memorable with this wonderful song.

03.  A Long December by Counting Crows: This beautiful song is written by Adam Duritz. This is one of my personal favorite as this song helps me to relate myself. This is a best song ever for the New Year party.

04.  New Year’s Resolution by Otis Redding and Carla Thomas: This is a song of love and care. Really this is a most beautiful and touching song of Otis Redding and Carla Thomas. This song portrays the story of a couple who are in deep love takes care each other in their hard times. So if you are in love, then this melody will surely be an ideal pick for your party.

05.  Another Year Has Gone By by Celin Dion: This is one of the famous love songs of the year. So set your mood with this cherishing and magical love song.

Latest New Year Songs 2016 for Party Celebrations

06.  The millennium Prayer by Sir Cliff Richard: This is one of the few songs that are well popular throughout the world. Its amazing lyrics and tune will make your party more joyful and cheerful.

07.  New Year by Charlie Hall: This song is full of happiness and joy. So when you are partying, then this will be your best choice to plug in.

08.  New Year by Beautiful Republic: This New Year song will be the musical treat for your party guests for sure.

09.  Funky New Year by the Eagles: Let’s groove with this amazing Eagles song on this New Year. Really, a perfect party song.

10.  It’s Another New Year’s Eve by Barry Manilow: The sweet melody of this song will surely make your party memorable for you and for your guests as well. Enjoy your party to the fullest.

Plan your party with the best New Year songs 2016 and blast the floor.

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