English songs have their own depth and feelings attached to them.. The songs developed help in expressing the feelings. Cynosure of everyone’s feeling love is that feeling which brings the hearts and persons close enough. Backed by a cup of coffee, the songs become more soothing to hear the song and have a feel for someone. The list of English songs mentioned below is a few of the latest English songs which have hit the dance floors and have been liked by all.

Top 10 English Songs List – Latest Hot Music 2016

01.  Roar by Katy Perry depicts the variety of climates. The lyrics of this song also say that in a relationship the climatic conditions also play a very important role as they tend to change the mood of the couple.

02.  How Long Will I Love You by Ellie Goulding depicts the feeling of a true lover who even after being ditched or dumped by his loved one feels for him/her.

Best English Songs 2016

03.  In A World Like This by The Backstreet Boys is one of the biggest hits among the individuals of the young generation.

04.  The Elephunk Theme by Black Eyed Peas which depicts and narrates the whole story of love through their eyes. The lovers see each other when they tend to express their feelings all through their eyes rather than being verbal.

05.  I Can’t Win by Chris Brown is a song which motivates the person who has faced many problems in his/her life and the level of motivation is very low.

New English Songs 2016 List

06.  Prisoner of Conscious by Talib Kweli the lyrics of this song actually lays more emphasis on the person’s who listen more to their conscious. These persons tend to follow the advice given to them by their conscious.

07.  I Should Be So Lucky by Kylie Minouge is a song which revolves around the couples who find themselves to be very lucky with each other. This song also features the true feeling of a person who considers himself as lucky for his wish getting fulfilled.

08.  Until The End of Time by Justin Timberlake is a song which has the lyrics saying that one should struggle and continue to fight till the end and this would definitely lead towards the attainment of the success.

09.  Love For A Child by Jason Mraz this song is a song depicting the love of a mother for her child. This motherly love is the best love in the world for which every child songs.

10.  Make Some Noise by Hannah Montana is also one of the big hits on the disc. This song, when played, it leads the listener automatically to the dance floor and is counted among one of the best English songs.

The songs listed above are one of the good English songs and these English hot songs have been liked and loved by the listeners of all age groups. These most popular English songs lead the listeners to tap their feet.

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