Top New Swiss Songs 2017 List – Switzerland Music Hits

Top Swiss Songs List 2017: Each and every country has their typical type of songs which they sing and hear on different occasions. When we talk about Swiss songs or music, it is the song of Switzerland. People who wish to know everything about the Swiss culture must just listen to Swiss music. By listening to those they can literally visualize every minute thing or aspect about the Swiss culture. Every country, place is diverse and have a unique culture. People who love exploring unique cultures get to know everything about it just through songs. Talking more about Swiss songs they are both soft and easy flowing and at the same time very hard core rock. So both soft music lovers as well as heavy metal lovers will love listening to these Swiss songs. Swiss music has made great contributions to the European classical music.

Top Swiss Songs 2017

The pop music that we hear in Swiss radio is very popular. It was popular then and is still the same. Apart from that rock and hip hop music of the Swiss too were popular in the market side.

Top New Swiss Songs 2017 List

  • The Captain of Her Heart – Swiss duo Double
  • Moi, tout simplement
  • The Highest Heights
  • Io così non ci sto
  • Dans le jardin de mon âme
  • Non, à jamais sans toi
  • Your Prayer Takes Me Off – Swiss duo Double
  • Les illusions de nos vingt ans
  • Das alte Karussell
  • Mister Music Man
  • Soleil, soleil
  • Avalon – Lovebugs song
  • L’enfant que j’étais
  • Unbreakable – Swiss duo Sinplus
  • Nous aurons demain
  • If We All Give a Little
  • C’est la chanson de mon amour

Switzerland Number-One Swiss Hits

  • Diamonds – Rihanna
  • Gangnam Style – Psy
  • Scream & Shout – ft. Britney Spears
  • Bella Vita – DJ Antoine
  • Thrift Shop – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft. Wanz
  • Let Her Go – Passenger
  • Get Lucky – Daft Punk ft. Pharrell Williams
  • Blurred Lines – Robin Thicke ft. T.I. & Pharrell Williams
  • Roar – Katy Perry
  • Wake Me Up! – Avicii
  • Bonfire Heart – James Blunt
  • The Monster – Eminem ft. Rihanna
  • Stolen Dance – Milky Chance

Swiss songs sound very similar to German or Italian ones. It is always fun to learn about different traditions and cultures and Swiss is one which is worth knowing and exploring.

Best Swiss Songs List

  • Hanns In der Gand
  • You and Me – Swiss group Takasa
  • Dentro di me
  • In Love for a While
  • Mein Ruf nach dir
  • Je vais me marier, Marie
  • Quel cœur vas-tu briser?
  • Bonjour, Bonjour
  • Viver senza tei
  • Cielo e terra
  • Moitié, moitié
  • Guardando il sole
  • Ne partez pas sans moi
  • Amour on t’aime
  • Musik klingt in die Welt hinaus

Popular Swiss Songs List

  • Djambo, Djambo
  • Piano, Piano
  • Ranz des Vaches
  • Vampires Are Alive
  • Trödler und Co
  • Canzone per te
  • Hanns In der Gand
  • Benedikt Gletting
  • Welche Farbe hat der Sonnenschein?
  • I miei pensieri
  • Les trois cloches
  • Il pleut de l’or
  • Pas pour moi
  • Ne vois-tu pas?
  • La vita cos’è?
  • Es ist für uns eine Zeit angekommen
  • Rufst du, mein Vaterland

One can find jazz and rap too in Swiss music. As Switzerland is a place in the Alps instruments like double bass, clarinet, Swiss organ is used in Swiss songs. Songs are composed in groups or solo by using these instruments. One can find brass bands and choral music groups in Switzerland. So if ever in your life you get the opportunity to listen to some Swiss songs make sure you don’t miss it because you can certainly know a lot of things by simply listening to these songs.

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