Top 50 New Telugu Songs 2017 List – Best Telugu Music

Telugu Songs: Music always helps to get away from the tensions and sometimes it becomes medicine for healing some pain. To become stressed out people generally prefer to listen music. They prefer to listen music in their own language, but today language is not a hurdle for listening music. All the songs can be heard after dubbing because every language songs can be easily transformed in any other language. Today, the choice is not limited with one language only so enjoy the Telugu songs as much as you can. Telugu cinema industry nicknamed as Tollywood, part of Indian Cinema based in Hyderabad. Raghupathi Venkaiah Naidu is cited as a father of Telugu cinema, he is well known as a producer of short films and he loves to travel different regions of Asia in order to promote their work.

Best Telugu Songs 2017
The first South Indian film, Patala Bhairavi was premiered first time at the first India International Film Festival. The Telugu film industry gave many top Telugu songs that all are well famous not only in Hyderabad but all over the country.

Top 10 Telugu Songs List 2017 Latest Music Hits

  1. Saahore Baahubali
  2. Ammadu Let’s Do Kummudu
  3. Dandaalayyaa
  4. Mira Mira Meesam
  5. Edho Edho Bagunde
  6. Hamsa Naava
  7. DJ Duvvada Jagannadham
  8. Arere Yekkada
  9. O Sakkanoda
  10. Morethukochindhi

Best Telugu Songs 2017 List from Movies

  • Oka Praanam
  • Neethoney Dance
  • Choosa Choosa
  • Hamsaro
  • Pranaamam
  • Laage Laage
  • You & Me
  • Sitara
  • Ratthaalu
  • Kaakki Chokka
  • Vellipomaakey
  • Jingidi
  • Mellaga Tellarindoi

Tollywood offers some best Telugu songs which include some romantic, melodic and many other different genre of music. Telugu songs are included in day to day life, but the root of these songs is also classical. Telugu songs have a special place in the Indian music industry because the lyrics of these songs are very meaningful. Every year Tollywood gave many hit movies in which all genres of songs are included.

Top 50 New Telugu Songs 2017 List – Latest Telugu Music

  • Emo Emo
  • Pareshanura
  • Champesaave Nannu
  • Blockbuster
  • Next Enti
  • Athiloka Sundari
  • Jivvu Jivvu
  • Neetho Unte Chalu
  • Choopultho
  • Dhruva Dhruva
  • Nilavade
  • Kallumoosi

Tollywood, the largest film production facility of the world also wins the Guinness World Record. According to the CBFC 2012 report, Tollywood is placed second in India. This list also includes best romantic songs 2017 with awesome lyrics. So here comes the list of most popular Telugu songs that will surely touch your heart straight away.

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