Pitbull was born on 15th January, 1981 in Miami, Florida. He is one of the most famous personalities these days. In a matter of few days, he establishes his name and made a brand out of it. At this present moment, he is one of the most heard singers all over the world and his songs are one of the most played songs on DJ. He built a career in rock and pop music and made many hip hop albums on his own. He has also collaborated with many singers and companies to make pop music. His albums sell worldwide and he calls himself “Mr. Worldwide”. Pitbull has collaborated and worked with many singers all over the world and his copies of songs are sold in millions all around the globe. He started his career at a very young age but faced many difficulties as being a rapper is really tough if you are white, have blue eyes and if you are Cuban. He still managed to get into this world of showbiz under his name Pitbull. He then started his career as a rapper, a song-writer, a singer and actor and a records producer. He has been named as one of the most famous and inspiring celebrities all over the world for his wide range of hip hop numbers and lovely songs.

Pitbull New Album 2017

Top 10 Pitbull Songs 2017 List

1.    Rain It Over Me ft. Marc Anthony (2011)
2.    Timber ft. Kesha (2013)
3.    Give Me Everything ft. Afrojack, Nayer & Ne-Yo (2011)
4.    Fun ft. Chris Brown (2015)
5.    Don’t Stop the Party ft. TJR (2012)
6.    International Love ft. Chris Brown (2011)
7.    Feel This Moment ft. Christina Aguilera (2013)
8.    Hotel Room Service (2009)
9.    Get It Started ft. Shakira (2012)
10.  Wild Wild Love ft. G.R.L. (2014)

The songs sung by him are sold just by the mere name Pitbull. The famous album M.I.A.M.I from this singer and rock star made its way to the top 100 songs on many charts. Many of the compositions of Pitbull are rated as number one on the Billboard top 100. His songs are not only composed of rocking music but the lyrics and the aura created by these songs make them all the more successful.

Best of Pitbull Songs List Top 40

  • Shut It Down ft. Akon (2009)
  • Exotic with Priyanka Chopra (2013)
  • Bon, Bon (2010)
  • Messin’ Around (2016)
  • Everybody Get Up ft. Pretty Ricky (2005)
  • Time of Our Lives ft. Ne-Yo (2014)
  • The Anthem ft. Lil Jon (2007)
  • I Like ft. Afrojack & Enrique Iglesias (2012)
  • Back Up (2004)
  • Drive You Crazy ft. Juicy J & Jason Derulo (2015)
  • Maldito Alcohol v/s Afrojack (2010)
  • We Are One (Ole Ola) ft. Claudia Leitte & Jennifer Lopez (2014)
  • Hey Baby {Drop It to the Floor} ft. T-Pain (2010)
  • Secret Admirer ft. Lloyd (2007)
  • Celebrate (2014)
  • That’s Nasty ft. Fat Joe & Lil Jon (2004)
  • Can’t Have (2016)
  • Como Yo Le Doy ft. Don Miguelo (2014)
  • Ay Chico {Lengua Afuera} (2006)
  • I Know You Want Me (2009)
  • Toma ft. Lil Jon (2004)
  • Outta Nowhere ft. Danny Mercer (2013)
  • Dammit Man ft. Piccallo (2004)
  • Piensas ft. Gente de Zona (2014)
  • Bojangles (2006)
  • Sticky Icky ft. Jim Jones (2007)
  • Culo ft. Lil Jon (2004)
  • Greenlight (2016)
  • Back in Time (2012)
  • Go Girl ft. Young Boss & Trina (2007)
  • FREE.K (2015)
  • Dime ft. Ken-Y & Frankie J (2006)
  • Fireball ft. John Ryan (2014)
  • Be Quiet (2007)
  • Tu Cuerpo ft. Jencarlos (2011)
  • Krazy ft. Lil Jon (2008)
  • Baddest Girl in Town ft. Wisin & Mohombi (2015)

This singer has been making and releasing albums since his career took a big turn with his first release of his own album. He has composed many raps with many other singers to provide better music to the people. These compositions are one of the most widely played songs all over the world. Whether it is the DJ floor or it is just a mere I-pod, everyone loves playing songs of this pop sensation. He has not only brought a revolution in the world of raps and hip hop music, but he has also created a new brand with his own name.

Pitbull New Album 2017 Upcoming

  • Climate Change (2017)

Pitbull songs are one of the most widely played songs on the DJ floors in wedding ceremonies and other parties. His songs bring an atmosphere of their own with them. Hey make people groove on their beats. His voice makes people left mesmerized completely. His talent is completely unmatchable and that is why Pitbull has been the most famous singers since a long time now and no one has been able to replace him. Weddings are very special occasions which are very dear to the ones getting married. Everything has to be perfect on this day which includes the perfect selection of songs on the wedding day.

Pitbull New Songs 2017 List

  • Lady with Austin Mahone (2017)

These days, Pitbull songs are present in every selection of wedding songs list. It has his songs in the first few numbers as any ceremony is incomplete without a Pitbull number playing on the dance floor. His songs create charisma and make everyone dance to its beats. Just stay tuned for a few more additions to the wedding song numbers by Pitbull. There is much more in store for you apart from the list given above. So stay tuned and watch out for more Pitbull numbers collected here only for you.

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