One of the most dynamic pop singers of Bollywood is Alisha Chinai. She has also sung various chartbusters numbers for Indian films too. Her voice is the blend of uniqueness and style. Each and every song sung by her is classy in it and are still remembered by one and all. She began her singing career by launching her albums. Out of the many albums launched by her, Made in India was the one which proved very vital for her success. That album alone paved the way to the Indian film industry. As a result of which Alisha Chinai bagged many film songs. Such was the popularity of this singer that if in a film she has sung only one song, then it wills that particular song only which would take the audience by storm. Audience has loved Alisha Chinai each and every song till date. As far as the awards won by this great artist are considered; they are numerous. She won the ever so prestigious Film Fare award for the most popular song of that time, ‘Kajra Re’.

Alisha Chinai Songs 2016

Her singing career began with the music director Bappi Lahri, who gave Alisha Chinoy, her first break as the female playback singer. Bappi Lahri as everyone knows is the king of Disco. In the initial stages of her career in the Indian film industry, Alisha Chinai sung various disco numbers for Bappi Lahri, which gained her immense popularity. She has lent her voice for many popular actresses right from Smita Patil to present day actresses like Katrina Kaif.

Top 10 Alisha Chinai Songs of All Time

  1. Kaate Nahin Katte (1987)
  2. Kajra Re (2005)
  3. Made in India (1995)
  4. Tinka, Tinka (2005)
  5. Ruk Ruk Ruk Arre Baba Ruk (1994)
  6. Tera Hone Laga Hoon (2009)
  7. Sona Sona Roop Hai with Sonu Nigam (2002)
  8. Sexy Sexy Mujhe Log Bole with Anu Malik (1994)
  9. Dil Tu Hi Bataa (2013)
  10. It’s Rocking (2007)

Alisha Chinai has sung some of the iconic songs which an individual who is fond of Indian music cannot forget at any point of his life. The song that was a blockbuster hit in the 80’s was “Kaate nhi Katte”. This song was from the film Mr. India. The next milestone sung by her was of course “Kajre Re”. Recently she sung “Tera Hone Laga Hun”, which has touched the hearts of millions.

Best of Alisha Chinai Songs List

  • Dil Ko Hazar Bar (2004)
  • Tere Ishq Mein Nachenge (1996)
  • Ishq Di Gali (2005)
  • Jalta Hai Badan (1992)
  • Pyaar Aaya with Anand Raj Anand (2004)
  • Zooby Zooby (1987)
  • Chot Dil Pe Lagi (2003)
  • Raat Bhare Jaam se (1989)
  • Bombay Girl (2013)
  • Lover Boy (2008)
  • Panch Vorsam (1985)
  • Jiyara Jiyara (2010)
  • Chaa Raha Hain Pyaar Ka Nasha with Kumar Sanu (1993)
  • Dilruba (2007)
  • Let’s Do It (1987)
  • Mehboob Mere (2004)
  • Aah Alisha (1986)
  • Dil Chura Ke Mere (2005)
  • Dil Ye Kehta Hai (I Love You) (1991)
  • Lover Girl (1995)
  • Touch Me (2006)
  • My Adorable Darling (1994)

Alisha Chinai Songs from Bollywood Movies & Albums

  • Rang Rang Mere Rang Rang Mein (2002)
  • Abhi Toh Mein (2006)
  • De De (1995)
  • Hamnasheen (2004)
  • Dilbar Jaaniya (2001)
  • Jumbalakka (1999)
  • You Are My Love (2013)
  • Bambai Se Rail Chali (1994)
  • Yeh Ishq Mein (2005)
  • Rajan Ani Prema (1985)
  • Aaj Ki Raat (2006)
  • Ure Baba (1996)
  • Maine Jisko Chaha (2004)
  • Tu Shama Main Parwana Tera with Abhijeet (1992)
  • Oh My Darling! (2002)
  • Nede Nede Female (2014)
  • Dhak Dhak Dhak with Aditya Pancholi (1999)
  • Bebo (2009)
  • Krishna Krishna (1997)
  • Ticket To Hollywood (2007)
  • De Diya Dil Piya (1998)

Alisha Chinai also appeared in the television industry as the judge of a singing reality show, Indian Idol consecutively for two years. being the judge, she was the inspiration of many singers who came to this platform. She helped them significantly with their singing and as a result most of them have been able to make their mark too on the film industry. Here also, her work was much appreciated. Alisha Chinai is known among her peers for her style and the ability with which she carries herself.

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